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  • dagger452003 dagger452003 Jul 1, 2011 9:11 AM Flag

    mcm..Infestation ??

    Why ???? Obviously Insane .

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    • Another Fan!!!

    • And now you want me off this board??? See if you can tell me which one is worse??

      Or maybe these 2 (4?) fibs will move your a$$ out into retirement?

      )..Axasfan..Posted that I "am a proven liar and lost big on my KOG/SSN deal" Again I have offered him $100K to prove that I have ever lied here or use aliases & then posted proof that he lied about my KOG/SSN deal- 2 lies in one post! A twofer! He lied!

      10)..axasfan.. "post pics of nude kids and then deletes them..." Again a large reward was posted for him and his folks to produce these pics!. No proof was ever posted! And then I defied him to post proof that anyone can delete a message...only Yahoo can do that! Again a twofer...lie! ( He then posted that he would "celebrate my death")..nice touch!!). He lied!

      Boy, that copy and paste proof sure does work fine....doesn't it, little man?


    • About anything!

      BLANKET COVERAGE FOR JEFFEY,GENTLY, MR AND ETAL! 1-Jul-11 07:24 pm Instead of posting individual challenges to prove your posts...I'm going to issue a "blanket coverage" expose' showing where you can't prove.....anything!

      1).."I lost money on my KOG/SSN deal" I've posted 4 times here showing where I made a pile on this trade. I'll post it again if you want....but you won't!

      2).."I use aliases ( I'll even include oilgasand's "claim" I "messed with his ID!!) I've offered you bonzos $50K to prove I use far (and I mean months) you haven't even come close!

      3).."I am a liar" Again, I've offered anyone to prove I've lied here on AXAS, $50K to prove you can't...still!

      4) "I posted over 3100 times since last December" (written last week). This one's off by over 2000 posts..when you're going to lie; you might as well go big time!!

      5) "I posted pictures of naked (changed to half naked) kids, then erased them". Another unproveable statement with no facts, pictures or proof they exist! And only Yahoo can delete a post, little fella! To prove that to you-erase this post or one of your own? you can't?

      6) I have been called fat, crazy, poor, getting poor, being in pain, Old Yeller, Wished I was dead, delusional, fat again, fused to a chair, etc. But the fact is-you can't even prove one of these...2nd grade name callings...Oh yeah, I forgot that "I'm not liked! (that was a very hurtful post, please stop-I don't know if I can stand the awful pain incurred by that one!!)

      7)..Next time you Keystone Kops accuse me of anything...use numbers and words to prove it, so I don't have to waste my time showing you where you were wrong. I want to use my new Harley Davidson & Golf Cart you guys bought for me! Using "predictions like this one!

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      AXAS at 3.04, next stop at $2.25.... 28-Jun-11 06:39 am In your face!!

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      P.S. Gently...don't you ever stop're more fun than a monkey with a machine gun!! Rating :
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    • We don't read your nonsense. Cuckoo,cuckoo!

    • Plain Crazy !!!

    • Another fan. Your following is getting huge! Getting the message yet?

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