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  • mcminc33 mcminc33 Aug 21, 2012 1:32 AM Flag

    And look what I found? Felter lies..AGAIN!!


    This is astounding-here's another lie felter told!!...

    Too bad Chestermic buried at AXAS!! 3-Nov-11 08:38 pm The turd he claims he bought in 09 that he actually bought in Feb 2011 after selling/losing at KOG and SSN before they ran up. His M.O. " "Buy high and sell low". ALL ON RECORD.

    Don't be fooled by this nice guy routine. He predicted AXAS was gonna take over CPE on pps!

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    a),,"actually bought in Feb 2011"...Can you prove that jeffey? Bet you can't stupid!

    b).."selling/losing big at KOG/SSN" Was this lie based on your "invention". Jeff invented this post below after I put him in a corner-none of it is true-he made it all up!

    PROOF!! Mickey loses BIG !!KOG/SSN! 30-Jun-11 03:26 pm
    Here ya go Chester weasel FOUND IT!!
    Re: SOLD! 12-Dec 1, 2010 10:05 pm Sold all of my SSN shares at $1.18 and thinking about buying KOG by the end of this month. Gonna retry AXAS. naga you seem to know what is going on, what do you think?

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    c).."He predicted AXAS was gonna take over CPE on PPS" Can you prove that diapers. Bet you can't

    I've got to keep better track of felters Favorites file is getting filled up!

    Is he stupid or what?


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    • I don't know if he's stupid - but it seems anyone doggedly holding this stock appears to be

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      • accusations of lying against my snookims, jeffklienfelter are getting under my skin. One of these days he might be able to prove one of those lies wrong or prove that Mickey guy uses aliases and then we'll be up $200K!!!!!!

        I just read where that Mickey guy has had that offer on the table for years now and My guy,Jeff, still hasn't been able to prove that Mickey ever used aliaes or lied??????

        I love you jeffery; but you're a little slow.......................


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