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  • chris494847 chris494847 Nov 13, 2012 11:34 PM Flag


    Thank Christopher Cox, fomer SEC chairman who eliminted the uptick rule, for allowing the likes of Memmic and Rolydolly for making money at our expense. If AXAS delivers as promised the stock will rise and these lowlifes will go elsewhere.

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    • SEC is the cause of much evil. Thank you for pointing out the scam pulled on us when uptick rule was eliminated in 2007. It is a crime they don't reinstate it. It is as bad as crying fire in a crowded movie theater which is illegal. People don't fear their wealth rising so a hedge fund pumping a stock to the upside does not have the same impact as when a hedge fund bashed so they can increase the value of their short values. Our economic system is at risk of economic terrorism unless we reinstate the uptick rule now.

    • Maybe you enjoy the likes of jeffklienfelter aka rollydolly attempting to steal your/my investment....I don't!! I'm not going to just stand there and allow lying bashers to spread misinformation while trying to earn money from lying. Not here and not ever!

      Earlier today, you got a small glimpse of what jeffklienfelter etal. has been posting here for years. Misinformation, deliberate mischaracterizations, false data on AXAS designed to hurt their share price and nonsense that hurts our MB.

      Maybe you (and others) should look into klienfelters MB history a little further and you'll find what I'm telling you is truthful. It will only take a few minutes to find that out.


      P.S It would be nice to return to a normal MB without making jeffklienfelter look like an idiot all day!

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      • You're doin really good Mickey all the way from $6 to $1.58. It's the darn shorts fault that they are $130 million in debt right or that production is down even though they drilled more, or that they have minimal working interest in all their acreage. Yeah that's the shorts fault and that darn uptick rule - what's the uptick rule got to do with this failing company?? You guys are laughable. There's no one in the world would be pumping this failure - you must have multiple id's mickey.....

        Facts are facts - down 75%, and you're still pumping - but you never give any reasons why AXAS is such a great company....

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