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  • mcminc33 mcminc33 Nov 17, 2012 4:10 AM Flag

    Proof of every lie, lying basher jeffklienfelter blowposted here...


    Thanks pumpers
    By rollydolly . Aug 10, 2011 11:38 AM . Permalink
    That was another nice short i cashed in on. Made a nice $3000 on this one from 3.48. You pumpers just don't get it do you. You pump and pump and you know you don't even have any shares. Go get a job.

    Show your pre-dated blowpost where you shorted AXAS before this date at $3.48? Bet you can't?


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    There are no posts containing "dilemma, i love ford, economy sucks"

    This is the result of your "proof" you "made $3000 shorting Ford"...the problem is it isn't true!

    But your welcome to try to disprove me...


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      For those that want to get out of ABRAXASLAND and BOOBSVILLE ..
      By jeffklienfelter . Nov 13, 2012 5:33 PM . Permalink
      TISA was served with baseless suit by MITEK. Suppressed shares temporarily. Do DD and see that much more potential for upside than mcstupid and Boob here.Stick with mcstupid and lose like he does or cut your losses and move forward. Trust me.

      "trust you"?? TISA has lost $.60 since your blowpost and you seem to forget that I invested here on 8/09 and still have a nice cushion.


      By jeffklienfelter . 7 days ago . Permalink
      TISA now going to give Mitek, tied up in litigation, a run for market share on mobile imaging! Zero debt, acquiring new clients consistently. Not a pump and dump. Offices world wide. New office in NY. It's the future. Companies looking for ways to cut costs and streamline.JMO. Disclosure: I am VERY long in this company.

      Then, just a week later you pulled the rug on yourself...

      Why I wouldn't buy TISA: 24-Aug-12 12:44 pm There is no future in giving companies a way to cut costs by making them more efficient with TIS technology. I see the future where companies hire more people and put tasks back in the hands of manual labor. And that RDC thing is just a fad. People like going to the banks and wait in line to make their deposits. Heck, free coffee! Just my 'two cents". Rating :
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      & I'd like to see a pre-dated blowpost stating where you actually bought TISA "Long" ago?

      Bet you can't!



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      • #9.. (I'm not the only one who catched jeffey telling untruths!!

        yours is an outright incorrect statement
        By sandonthebeach47 . Sep 9, 2011 9:45 AM . Permalink
        That is an outright incorrect statement and it is fully explained in my posts in this thread.

        Not only is the 50% interest in the bakken wells mentioned in their presentation, but I posted the link to the presentation and indicated where you can hear it for yourself so you do not need to listen to the whole thing.

        And, one more thing.
        I am not a pumper as I mentioned before..... but is has become obvious to everyone that you are nothing more than an uninformed basher.

        And your info is incorrect. "Even their operated wells other than the one Bakken well---are tiny---mini-wells ---scattered all over the map"....such nonsense!

        In addition to their operated bakken wells, their Eagle Ford, T Bird well is HUGE.....why don't you look at those presentation slides?


        Hey (Mickey)!! Learn how this works...
        By jeffklienfelter . Aug 16, 2011 2:15 PM . Permalink . Go to topic
        Must be Chester: Shorting is tough under 5, major brokers won't do it. Secondary markets do it for funds. So...all this "glub,glub" (props to Julie) is comical. Most of us have a "short position over 5. Mine is at $5.10 on this POS @ 10k shares. I'M IN THE MONEY! You get to that pps and I break even....

        "you get to that position ($5) and break even" Prove you can't??


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