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  • mcminc33 mcminc33 Nov 17, 2012 5:00 AM Flag

    Every lie jeffklienfelter ever blowposted here-No.'s 13 &14 on up...

    #13-Here's zoom catching jeffey...

    Re:Re: Now priced for Bankrupcy?
    By zoom_bee . 35 minutes ago . Permalink
    Did you see slide 15 from the 3Q?
    They are drilling 4 wells on a pad 2 each to the Three Forks formation and 2 each to the Bakken all of these are Horizontal (long lateral of 11,000 feet)
    The STENEHJEM 27-34-1-4H are 72% WI and the 1H well is already prodcing
    The RAVIN 26-35-1-4H are 49% WI and 3 are complete
    The JORE FEDERAL 2-11-1-4H are 76% WI
    The LILLIBRIDGE 20-17-1-4H are 47% WI and the Raven 1 driller is on site drill #1
    These well are in McKenzie County where AXAS previous wells where Vertical and have 400K BBO and now they are in the same section drill to more prolific oil plays. That money is already planned for and invested.


    Re: Re:Re: Now priced for Bankrupcy?
    By rollydolly . 41 minutes ago . Permalink
    Yes, i have went over this multiple times - they have a very small block where they have a good working interest - very small. Over the entire Bakken acreage their working interest is approx. 16% right now. That's a fact. So after several wells with working interest they will no longer be operators on vast majority of this acreage. They would have to buy leases and at $10000-15000 acre they can't afford to do it. Read the whole 3Q and other filings - you will see they have small working interest on all their acreage - IN TOTAL - don't take just a few wells that they have high working interest - After they drill some then that's over. How are they going to increase production - it's nearly under 4000 BOEPD now -
    I keep seeing guys say that a couple wells will put us up to 6000 BOEPD! NO NO NO- the previous drilled wells decrease rapidly in production as do the all oil wells. So it's very hard to increase production unless you are drilling many wells at once - like KOG - CLR - EOG etc.
    AXAS production will be stagnant as they don't have the $$ to drill fast enough to build up production and reserves.

    You could just about pick any line in that blowpost for bashing, untrue, misinformation so let's say the entire message is wrong!!


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      Klienfelter Vs. AXAS ..profits.
      By jeffklienfelter . Aug 26, 2011 8:12 AM . Permalink
      Klienfelter shorts this POS at $5.10 in May 2,2011 @ 10k shares and covers at $2.95 on August 23,2011.

      Here's a perfect example of back dating a "profit" jeffey supposedly made, yet never mentioned it earlier? Nice try!


      Re: HEY MCMINCSTUPID.. 1 minute ago yeah! Poor kids at St. Judes!! Hahahaha!! Rating :
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      This blowpost is worse than a lie...laughing at sick children-shamefull....


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        What's that sucking sound, mcstupid???
        By jeffklienfelter . 1 minute 6 seconds ago . Permalink
        More of your $$$$ getting sucked away in the AXAS vortex of being stuck over 5 bucks? Below Mendoza @ just over a buck and half! There is a God that punishes lunatics that invent!! Feel bad for rest though, seriously. I tried to warn you all!!

        "stuck over $5"?) Still waiting for jeffey to prove that one & yes God does puish some lunatics. "seriously, tried to warn you all"...Yep! You also said you "made $3000 shorting Ford" (but can't prove it) & then you recommende TISA (taking a beating!)


        I'll entertain you with (semites) mickey.."Ford" and did I go long or short?
        By jeffklienfelter . Nov 15, 2012 1:52 PM . Permalink
        mcstupid lonely and losing $$$, so quickly to define terms for mcstupid:
        I used these words and terms:

        1. "Dilemma"; def: A situation that requires a choice between options that are or seem equally unfavorable or mutually exclusive.
        2. "Love Ford, but economy sucks" - Translation for mentally challenged: "Company good, market bad."
        Now, mcstupid keeps repeating I said those things in my posts, but needs proof that I shorted Ford? Hey mcstupid! Run around the corner and see if it's raining!!


        I entered Dilemma, love ford but economy sucks" in the Ford MB and it still says"there are no posts containing "dilemma, love Ford but economy sucks"....Nice try though!!!


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