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  • mcminc33 mcminc33 Nov 17, 2012 6:08 PM Flag



    By jeffklienfelter . Jun 28, 2011 1:10 AM . Permalink . Go to topic .
    Well..He is the idiot here on his last nickel and already lost at KOG and bailed on SSN before the run up. So he's good for it.

    Despite several calls for diapers to actually prove the above blowpost..He can't-BECAUSE HE LIED..AGAIN!


    By mcminc33 . Oct 19, 2011 11:16 PM . Permalink ..
    IAM ONE OF THE "TRUTH POLICE" .. 19-Oct-11 12:12 pm You can't find one post where I have lied about what is going on here.

    I don't care which "police Dept." you think you belong to in that cluttered head of yours, far, I've "found" 42 lies that you've blowposted here......and I'M NOT DONE YET!!!

    Pretty funny,huh?


    Re: Re: For those that want to get out of ABRAXASLAND and BOOBSVILLE ..
    By jeffklienfelter . 20 minutes ago . Permalink
    When you know his history like I do..Problem is, he's a mental case and window licker. He understands NOTHING about investing, this biz and wants to glob on to people that he thinks know something. Many people have come through here in last few years outlining the legitimate probs of this company, including myself. But he gets "suckered" in by people that claim to know more, like "Rachenvest" and gets hosed. Then he rants with aliases and nonsense cuz he's STUCK. He trolls to other boards with no life. He's a camper here.You go back and look at my posts and you will see the REAL truth.

    "rants with aliases"?? Again diapers, let me re-offer you $200K to prove where I have ever used aliases here? You can't, no matter how hard you just can't & fail miserably!! Instead you resort to LYING! As proven by the preceding 43 LIES YOU'VE TOLD!!!


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      Re: KLIENFELTER CAUGHT IN ANOTHER LIE...AGAIN!!!!...Recommend Ford? Where?
      By rollydolly . 29 minutes ago . Permalink . Go to topic
      You are the biggest #$%$ i have ever encountered on yahoo boards. This thing is nearly defunct and you are talking about someone lying?? You are the liar - you have been telling people to buy this garbage. You were wrong dimhole - and everyone who reads this board knows it. Of all the oil companies you could have bought and pumped you picked this garbage...... you are a real loser... a real lonely loser too.... I feel sorry for you to be so wrong all your life...

      You shouldn't get so emotional there diapers? "You are the liar"?? Go ahead, start your own blowpost copy & pasteing my legitimate MB history showing where I've ever lied here? (Hint: you can't because I've never lied here or you would have collected $200K!!!

      Pretty funny, huh?


      Dear AXAS investors.... 29-Nov-11 12:10 pm You are only gonna learn the hard way, like I did, with your investment here. You have a CEO, Boob Watson, that is famous for making promises he doesn't deliver (such as recent refurb rig purchase and time table for drilling in Bakken), getting involved in areas, such as the Bakken and not having the experience to deal with local oil services biz., title delays and weather issues, creating entities to divert or emaciate value here, etc....
      My opinion from a seasoned trader that was burned here.

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      "gonna learn the hard way like I did"......"My opinion from a seasoned trader that was burned here"....??? Sounds like you have a deep seeded root for an agenda here. You keep forgetting that I was fortunate enough to buy AXAS in 8/09 and while I could be happier, I'm still making money!!

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        Recommend Ford? Where?
        By jeffklienfelter . Aug 17, 2012 3:25 PM . Permalink . Go to topic
        Why not just make more up? "I LOVE FORD, Economy sucks!" Is a recommendation numbnuts? My statement, "Ford dilemma", is that a recommend too?...... Chester

        NO it's not diapers! What you actually blowposted is that you "made $3000 shorting Ford" but could NEVER PROVE IT BECAUSE YOU LIED...AGAIN! (nice try though!)


        PROVEN LIAR now wants everyone..
        By jeffklienfelter . Jul 7, 2011 12:59 PM . Permalink . Go to topic
        to believe he didn't sell out and rebought in last 8 months. Repeating lies doesn't help Chester. Gotta life to live! See ya fused chair loon! (Mickey)! Love that (fellow).

        Now that's not really true is it diapers? You blowposted earlier that "I sold ought and rebought in the last 8 months" and all I did was ask you for your proof? But you could never provide it BECAUSE YOU LIED AGAIN!!!

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