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  • iloveklienfelter iloveklienfelter Nov 25, 2012 9:58 AM Flag

    Jeffklienfelter-please come back from White Mountain????

    I know that Mickey guy made you out to be a fool with your "I made $3000 shorting Ford" lie; but I still like you! Why don't you come down off of White Mountain? You know you can't even tell time there!! (remember? from the time you thought you "outsmarted" Mickey??)
    I just hope you're not writing another "Congratulations" or "Apology" or "Mission Statement" that only serves to make you into a bigger idiot then you really are!
    And lastly, please don't post here that you've never told a lie about AXAS....

    Because deepsub, he's a loony "window licker"..Follows bogus advice from others. Lazy and stupid.
    By jeffklienfelter . Nov 20, 2012 3:35 PM . Permalink . Go to topic
    He jumps out too early, like KOG, jumps back here over 5 bucks, sells out SSN before it climbs, invests in ATPG and that goes BK. Now he has rode this turd all the way down and "slobbering all over himself" with losses. Then he wants to talk about my FORD trade that won and claims it didn't? My short play here? While he loses big $$$$$ HERE! IMFAO! ...AND I have never told one lie about this POS company.
    Ever catch his act with butchering your ID and mine?

    Now's your chance, honey-buns! Just show this entire MB your evidence of....

    A)..He jumps out to early, like KOG....?
    B)..Jumps back here over $5....?
    C)..Sells out SSN before it climbs...?
    D)..Invests in ATPG.....? (& while your at it your proof he invested in Delta Petroleum?)
    E)..Now...has rode this "turd"** all the way down (honey-he says he invested here in 8/09??, while one of your last posts stated you like to watch turds as they swirl??
    F)..Wants to talk about my Ford trade that won-just post the earliest date you made that "trade" honey...other than that post-boast you made 3 months later!!

    G)..And then there's this one-"AND I never told one lie about this POS company"....Jeffey- he just got started posting all your lies here and so far he's up to 110 lies you told.....(embarrassing)

    F).."ever catch his act with butchering your ID or mine"?? No jeffrey, I haven't & niether have you evidently because that Mickey guy's offered you $200K to prove he ever used an alias or told a lie here...and YOU CAN'T EVEN DO THAT!!

    Come back from being "refreshed" at White Mountain jeff, that Mickey guy's way, way to smart for our ilk!!

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    • on White Mountain, diapers??

      8 fibs in 1 post is a November high for you little fella; but "AND I never told one lie about (AXAS) company" is your best!! Especially after I posted 110 lies you told without any rebuttals!! Pretty sweet, huh??

      GOTCHA!! AGAIN!!


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