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  • ladysaxabra ladysaxabra Mar 2, 2013 2:26 PM Flag


    I have been a long time investor in this stock. I know its rise and fall have been troublesome. However, it hasn't been the fault of management. If one has followed the efforts that have been made and are being made to promote the stock, to the benefit of the stockholders, one can only admire the CEO for his consistent and tireless endeavors.

    We stockholders are invested in a very exciting enterprise, i.e., digging holes deep into the earth to find oil and natural gas. It certainly isn't a done deal. There are setbacks as have been honestly reported -- weather, government regulation interference, world politics, etc.

    Let's support our company. The Clinton group, in their crass letter, didn't come up with anything that Abraxas wasn't already engaged in doing to improve the company's financial condition. In my opinion we stockholders have nothing to gain by supporting their overbearing threats.


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    • ^^^^^signed: Mrs. Watson

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    • anthonystein Mar 4, 2013 8:04 AM Flag

      "admire the CEO"? "Let's support our company"?

      You make it sound like AXAS is our local high school football team. Many of us have owned stock in this company as long (maybe longer) than you. We've paid our dues, so your taunt to tell "cry babies to go away" seems naive and adolescent to me. I assume that Bob's paychecks are cashing, aren't they? Bob is either part of the solution or part of the problem, and given the share price crash going on now, he seems to be part of the problem. He can prove us wrong by reporting some strong earnings.

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    • Don't see the Clinton group being any sort of savior. The negatives have gone on for quite a while. AXAS is going to have to show it self with steadily increasing production , lower debt , and increasing positive earnings. Steady drilling by them and hopefully a partner on the Canadian play seems to me to be the way out if Bob can keep his costs down. Can he deliver? Yes. Will he? Don't know. I'm long on this stock. Had BCEI . A lot more optimism over that stock. If it pulls back some I'd probably jump horses.

    • Ladysaxabra,
      Also a long time investor with a significant accumulated holding...
      Mr Watson needs to deliver, this fiscal year, EPS, reserve growth and significant production while also reducing debt.
      If he cannot, for whatever reason, Abraxas deserves a new leader that can determine how to.
      My holdings are underwater for the last year or so.
      I personally feel that Mr Watson has saved the company, at least twice in the last 10 years.
      However, the company may need a new leader, for many reasons, if he cannot, in a timely manner, deliver.
      That is what will count. Nothing else.

      Please keep posting, as I have enjoyed yours over the years...
      Good luck to all,

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      • Hi energy fan!
        I too enjoy your posts that are sensible and thoughtful. I have every reason to believe that Mr. Watson's goals match yours, i.e., increased earnings, reserve growth, significant production, reduced debt, and perhaps most importantly from our standpoint a much improved stock price. The Clinton Group, by its very name, reeks of impropriety!!...

        All the best to you all.


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    • Yes, I'm also curious if you work there, or may have once worked there? It would be nice to get some insight from someone that has been around this company, because with all due respect, I have seen nothing but a lot of double talk from this CEO on just about everything they have done in the last 2 years. Maybe you can paint a different picture for us?

      I would love to take a hike on this stock, but I'm buried and will see it go under before selling. I usally add many shares in these situtations if I feel good enough about what a company is trying to do, but for some reason going off the last 2 years, I simply do not trust this CEO. And more importantly it looks like wall street isn't that crazy about him either. As far as the Clinton group goes, I'm not 100% sure that they have our best interest at heart.

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    • Do you work for ABAX or do you have a close relative that works for the company? If it's not the fault of management/Bob Watson then where does the fault lie? The Clinton Group is actually keeping many investors in this stock. If it wasn't for them, this stock would probably be trading for less than it is today. They give us hope in knowing that someone is actually looking out for the shareholders in this company. Clearly, BW isn't admired by many of the shareholders in this company for his efforts to drive shareholder value. Naturally, all my opinion.

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      • chimakot, I have read all of your posts. They are invariably negative. To begin with, to answer your question, I am definitely NOT an employee of Abraxas You might learn how to spell the abbreviation. It is not ABAX. I am, as I stated, a long term investor in this company. Just what do you think the Clinton group will accomplish after all? Sell the company? What do they really know about the oil and gas business? They will invariably get their cut, move on to their next victim, and leave the shareholders lying in the dust. You are very naive if you think they are out to protect you.

        As I am sure you are aware, these are very difficult times. The pundits are predicting a catastrophic market fall. Do you believe that? I don't. Markets will have their corrections, but they always recover.
        What I am trying to point out to you is in your negativity you are overlooking the fact that Bob Watson knows his company, is devoted to making it prosper, and to take the shareholders along with that prosperity. There is no one else that will be able to do that at this time. I have sat in on their shareholders' meetings for about five years. Have you ever attended one? I'll bet not. I would suggest you spend the money to attend the next one. You just might learn something if you shake the hand of Mr.Bob Watson.


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