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  • jzkl6w jzkl6w Jan 23, 2008 6:39 PM Flag

    Sell or Keep VTRIX

    I am a newb when it comes to inventing, I have a 401k plan at my job through Vanguard and last year I split my investments between international and US growth. Well I just lost about 7,000 from the international and I don't know if I should sell to stop the bleeding before the China market crushes my retirement nest egg of ride it out.

    Anyone have an opinion?


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    • plain and simple.....just buy more

    • PPS: Alliant Credit Union is the best unkept secret in the blogosphere of hot money mavens. They have been at the top of the leader-board on rates and terms for several months, so I suspect the word has gotten around. Rates there WILL fall on May 1, so you have a teensy-tiny window to join up (hence the PTA joke) and fund a CD. Don't even try to join Alliant through its online webpage, it's so full of bugs it never works. Call a CSR or go to a brick-and-mortar if you live near one (good luck; I happen to live within driving distance of their shop in San Mateo, CA). The savings account pays 4% (eff. 5/1) and you can transfer to the free checking (no gimmicks) immediately on-line, so it's like a checking account that pays 4%. That, I like.



    • PS: The best deal I can find right now (staying away from Countrywide) is with Alliant Credit Union, for the 12 - 17 month term (jumbo > $25,000) at 4.4%. It's likely to fall the end of the month, though (well, more than likely). They offer about the same rate on their savings account, actually, which is a pretty fair deal. Join your local PTA (inside joke).



    • down big since purchase last year, near $20 on purchase but got about .90 cent dividend in December 2007.

      Welcome any thoughts...also have about $70K in VGTSX down about $5K later purchase in 2007.

    • I'm losing money on this fund big time just like you in your VTRIX. Hang in there for 10 yrs and it should come back. VGTSX sucks too! The US market is up and this fund is still down! When overseas market is up, this fund still goes down! I used to like Vanguard funds but I'm tempted to switch everything to Fidelity.

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