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  • JWW97 JWW97 Jul 20, 2005 11:18 AM Flag


    bank of america securities issued a report with a buy rating on IPXL lab. yesterday and said the filings will be out in the next two weeks. this explains uptick today.

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    • Yes. That would explain the move. But it irritates the Hell out of me that someone at the company told the analyst but the company did not make a pr to the rest of us. IMO, they have done a super job of developing a franchise but as company managers they are rank amateurs. They need to sell the company.

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      • Wow, Dumbo. what happened to you? You've been the voice of patience over the last 6 months and now you're letting this get your blood boiling? If you look at the experience of the Sr Management, they ARE rank amateurs when it comes to running a publicly traded company. Where's the surprise? IMO the problem is divergent priorities. theirs is to build a long term growth franchise. Ours is to make money in the short term through changes in daily values. Did they say anything to an analyst? I have no idea - do you? I'm not trying to defend their actions - I'm just as frustrated as you - but the message boarders seem to jump to conclusions and speculate rather than attempting to dig out information . Who other than me has talked to the management? I keep in touch with what they are doing - to the extent they can tell me, as they know I'm a shareholder. I'm not talking about the IR people either, but the Sr staff. They can tell you a lot, if approached right and at the right time. My information says they are very close to release and will send out information in the next week - which is entirely consistent with what has been said all along - end of July. Does anyone have inside information that gives them special knowledgd? Probably, and if the analyst has a good relationship with the Sr. Management, perhaps something leaked. More probably he pieced things together and is making some noise. Or, it could be the rumors from the hedge funds - Lord knows they've played us over the last few months - driving the price up and down.

        Patience everyone. This is a good franchise and will rise to the level it is worth. We've waited this long, what's another few weeks?


    • could you provide a link?