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  • marketguru2013 marketguru2013 Jun 7, 2011 2:26 PM Flag

    CTXS vs VMW

    VMW no doubt is much better. EMC has been buying back $1B (45% done). VMware is the leader in the cloud computing infrstructure technology, and is the leader in the server virtualization. Forward p/e is only about 40, but its net income growth is over 40%. It could be over $150 within a year.

    Cloud computing technology is more related to servers.

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    • I'd buy some of both.
      Like AAPL is to the consumer market, VMW is to the corporate world. They just keep cranking out amazing stuff that EVERY business needs. I think they are going to continue their rocket ride and will continue to put out good products and buy new companies that will help them win.

      CTXS is a machine. People are always looking at CTXS and putting them down. I look at CTXS and am constantly amazed by them. These guys have been around for a long time and constantly deliver. They started off developing on OS/2. They had OS/2 able to run multi-win windows applications at a time it was unheard of. With the release of NT 3.51 they came out with Winframe which has morphed into XenApp after contless rumors of MSFT "killing them" or taking them out of the market. Heck MSFT actually bought the code for Terminal Services/RDP from CTXS. CTXS now has a lot more than just their XenApp Cash Cow. They have GoToMeeting/Online Division, LAN/WAN/Cloud Optimization in their NetScaler products (which are very hot with the likes of AMZN and other online folks), they bought XenServer for $500,000,000. Maybe a little expensive, but that has opened the doors for all kinds of crazy things like True VDI, Server Virtualization that ranks #2, Desktop Hypervisor, etc. There is probably more, but I got sick of typing.
      Most importantly CTXS has the best way to virtualize Applications that exists. Why more people don't use CTXS blows my mind. It is so clean and easy and bandwidth is everywhere now. Not that you need much, but you need some. Like 28k or better and you are in.
      The new purchase they announced of Kaviza is super interesting as well. Kaviza was doing really well on their own and should now greatly benefit from having access to the ICA protocol and other Citrix in house powers.
      Anyway, I'd love to hear someone's points on VMW because I am sure they are good as well. I just feel like CTXS has more tricks in its bag, but that doesn't always equate to a higher stock price than the one trick pony.

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