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  • klt2680 klt2680 Nov 15, 2013 1:22 PM Flag

    I sold my 10,000 shares for 57.36 today that I bought yesterday

    Anther day and I am still making money, To those who listen to me and bought yesterday and sold today you are very smart .

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    • Remember, klt2680 is the same sissy boy liar as Johnboy2680 is, always claiming to make money no matter how underwater he is on his shares

    • There alway someone who get upset when I make money in the stock market. I post that I was taking the share price up the next day and tell them to sell the day before and I am right both days. Maybe they will get smart and start listening to me.

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      • klt2680 will always lie to you rather than admit to losing money thus his title of sissy boy liar, loser, and attention seeking child. The truth of course can not be deleted by klt2680 so we bring it back to prove that if he sold then he took a huge loss

        klt2680 • Sep 27, 2013 12:57 PM Flag
        WE are now buying all shares sold under 71.30 today sell me your shares now
        I love making money by buying so low

    • To those who sold short when klt2680 bought at $70 on 10/7/13, those are the people who made money. It always pays to bet against the sissy boy liar, loser, and attention seeking child klt2680, the same clueless dimwit who posted in August that he was taking the market down for the rest of the year

    • If klt2680 sold his shares then he took a massive loss and is only making money if he owns a printing press. Push his lies aside and you will see that his cost basis is $70/share

      klt2680 • Oct 7, 2013 3:16 PM Flag
      I been taking CTXS up in a down market today
      I got my clients to buy today. that why the share price is up. we will sell and take a good profit this week. I won't be telling you when. I want you all to keep buying so I can make money on the shares i bought today at 70.00. buy and make me money

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