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  • steve9465 steve9465 May 5, 2000 2:30 PM Flag

    now we are

    moving- went from44 3/8 to 44 7/16 in two seconds go ctxs

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    • What do you make of this action? I guess I
      subscribe to the theory that some fund or funds want out at
      ANY price in spite of the fundamentals. If they need
      to meet redemptions, then they need to sell. This
      f*cking bullsh*t has been relentless and makes no sense
      otherwise. IMO, if it was based upon really bad news, the
      bloodshed would have been much quicker. And if it was based
      upon the kind of revelations that SHTRX has been
      verbally farting, then the bloodletting would have been
      much more drawn out.

      • 2 Replies to debin23
      • Don't be fooled by his nonsense. I talked to my
        Citrix vendor today, and he told me exactly what I told
        everyone yesterday. NFUSE with Windows 2000 will eliminate
        the need for ICA client software, and allow users to
        use an internet browser to access their server. This
        is state of the art Technology that Citrix has the
        patent on. Sh*tforbrains (SHTRX) failed to realize that
        you still need to access Windows 2000 with NFUSE for
        most applications. You cannnot access applications
        with just a browser like you can access this site. He
        obviously does not know what he is talking about to make
        such an obvious mistake. It's possible in the future,
        but currently it is not. Besides, Citrix will
        probably develop the technology. Dismiss,
        stillwearingdiapers, as a disgruntled ex-employee. The stock is down
        due to uncertainity plain and simple. Uncertainity in
        the market (lack of buyers), and uncertainity around
        the recent rumors. It's like I tell my hoes. Don't
        worry about wearing that p*ssy out it'll stretch back.
        In other words, the company is solid the stock will
        bounce back once the uncertainity clears. I believe in
        the product, and the management.

      • if I put in my two cents. While we joke about
        KOMP and others, I will offer a serious (and humble)
        opinion based on my own analysis.I am a day trader and LT
        investor as well. Without all the B.S. technical analysis
        provided by KOMP and others, I feel it boils down to a few
        simpler issues, the primary one being supply and demand.
        Money outflows from the market are now far greater than
        inflows. The "street" is going through its gyrations about
        Greenspan and interest rates. We are approaching the slow
        summer months. All this leads back to supply being
        greater than demand. There are sellers (including some
        hedge funds that we are aware of, and some we are not
        aware of) and no buyers....I think its that simple. The
        market in its simplest form reacts to fear and greed.
        You can read these boards, and see the fear...One by
        one people give in and sell...people buy CTXS and
        don't even have a clue what they do...they think they
        are going to make a quick pop and find out how wrong
        they are....I don't think theres anything wrong with
        the company...I think they will continue to meet
        earnings targets and growth expectations for a long
        time...too many amateur
        gamblers ran this market up to
        ridiculous highs
        and now they can't figure out whats
        wrong. This is all JMHO, I don't advocate buying or
        selling, just realistic expectations and time
        horizons...good luck

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