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  • sunfundasst sunfundasst May 15, 2008 9:20 PM Flag

    Ocean Energy

    Why we do not buy FINAVERA? It is because the shares on June 07 were .40 cents.

    Now the share is .17 cents.

    There are few ocean energy companies that are publicly traded. Nalfx has two small investments.

    We know no ocean energy company is or has made a profit..

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    • I have been interested in this company ever since I saw it in the "Green" issue of time. There seems to quite an opportunity in harnessing the power of the ocean, I am sure the companies who do it right will become very profitable. I tend to think Finavera at 17 cents is risky, yet the downside is very low, and if they start producing successful projects, I think their funding will increase substantially. Another interesting ocean power company is AWS Ocean Energy Ltd.

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      • your quote: I tend to think Finavera at 17 cents is risky, yet the downside is very low,

        Well, as in any stock, the downside is always 0. which equates to 100% loss.

        a much smarter play would be to sink a small investment into Zenn motor cars out of Canada as a play on EESTOR. EESTOR, if you know of the company, could spell the end of petrol. EESTOR has the backing of the world's largest VC firm, Kleiner Perkins....and they know what they are doing.

        Wouldn't it be quite ironic if the birth of oil rose and fell out of Texas....well, it was first struck in Pennsylvania, but grew up in Texas.

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