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  • robhchndro robhchndro Dec 20, 2011 6:04 PM Flag

    Dreadful Performance by Robin

    After watching Robin Raina's interview on Fox, all I can say is hat he definitely needs to get a PR person. He was stiff as a board, and dressed like someone out of a grade B movie. He did not say much about the company especially about its future.

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    • Unless Raina starts wearing rhinestone's in his jacket and some real Stingray skin boots, this rubics cube company is going to pot! Dont dat boy know how to where a hat? Weeeeedoggie, shiver me timbers!
      I'm callin da company on my rotary phone to complain.....

    • Just watched the interview. If you feel that this was a dreadful performance then you must be a short. The key to this interview was how he answered the question about the stock performance. He is more concerned about running the company and making it a winner than worrying about the stock price. Like he said...stock price will take care of itself. This is what I look for in a CEO.

    • The interview was fine. Robin looked tired, but yesterday or the day before he was in India, so it probably felt like the middle of the night for him because of jetlag.

      Trying to 'spin' the interview as 'dreadful' when it was pretty unremarkable makes me question your motives, but even if it had actually been bad, I wouldn't care too much because what matters to me is EBIX's business position and Robin's capital allocation skills, not his TV charisma.

    • Dreadful? Performance? This was an interview not some act. Just a little media attention to spark some interest in a growing stock that is popping up on peoples' radar. Also he did disclose a little bit of forward looking info. Nothing that wasn't already apparent, but he said EBIX is not looking to sell at any time in the near future, but rather is "just getting started." Good things to come. He did a fine interview.

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      • People are too danged worried about style over substance nowadays. In fact, it may be the defining flaw of our times. Too many "all show, no go" folks out there. I'll take Robin, flaws and cultural idiosyncracies, anyday. The fact that I'm of Indian heritage might color my view of him, but I dress like a gigolo and talk funny sometimes, too. Hasn't hurt my success in the least.

    • There was in another interview back in early 2010, where Robin was dressed like a porn star, and I had similar thoughts on how he came across (sorry lost the link). I almost sold my holdings after that, glad I didn't.

      The thing with Robin is he does not seem to come across well in video interviews. But in every written interview (transcript style) he comes across well and I always like what he saids and agree with his direction for EBIX.

      To me Robin is the Nixon of the insurance industry. Read what he says, don't watch him....

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