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  • rbakboy rbakboy Mar 15, 2013 10:10 AM Flag

    Raina needs to be fired. I sold all my EBIX and moved on.

    He has failed to protect the shareholders

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    • was CAAS (+12.43% today) mentioned on some newsletter you subscribe to or something?

    • If you think that one man can do miracles, I'd move on too and take that strong buy off. But what shorts have done is make opportunity for Ebix and the rest of us to buy cheap shares. Shorts have the eternal hope for something bad to happen; they're hard to shake off. The shorts and Greg Farrell stated the SEC is investigating earnings over 4 months ago that started around a year ago - 4 sources. With this new attack, shorts and Greg Farrell say the SEC is still investigating - 1 source. The lies keep coming because the IRS and the SEC have never contacted Ebix. If there was doubt, the IRS and the SEC would have ordered an audit of the books. Copperfield, Gotham, and some of the reporting media are just a small part of the organization that is active here. There's a lot of money at stake, but the price to borrow stock is sky high and remain there until shorts begin to cover. Daily naked shorting and covering continues.

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      • Well, there are a lot things the company can do which it is not doing to deal with the short attack. I sound like a recording b/c I have posted this before, but the company needs to sue Gotham, Copperfield, Farrell, Yu, and Barons for defamation, fraud, and a variety of other causes of action. I realize that the lawsuit will likely not be worth it in terms of the amount of money spent on the litigation when compared to the likely recovery obtained`. However, this will be good money and time spent because it will give the company the opportunity to expressly state and prove why these allegations are false, chill the shorts from future baseless attacks, provide a great deal of comfort to nervous investors and potential buyers who are too afraid to jump in on EBIX, and an opportunity for analysts to review EBIX's side of the story and comment which should hopefully attract new investors. I strongly suspect that the appreciation and stabilization in stock price that can come from such litigation will amount to many times more value to shareholders than the amount of money and time the company may spend on such litigation.

      • With all the cash they are producing then they should be buying back some stock.

        They need to run the business and grow it like they have and all they need to do is have a buyback in place and when shares get to stupid cheap levels like it is today then utilize the buyback.

        If they bought over $20 last year they should be going in heavier now that it is $15.68.

      • 30% of the float is short, is there anything that can be done to make them cover, or can they hold those short positions indefinetly?

    • Move on then.

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