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  • shanti.ashwin shanti.ashwin Sep 5, 2013 7:31 PM Flag

    informative interview w Raina

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    • Raina says that the ones that wrote the articles should be investigated ... but did anyone do something about it? He says that this is a free country and my guess is that he refers to himself and he is the one behind the articles and he is making money off of the volatility of the shares and he thinks it is his right to do so since this is a free country. Even though this is from a year ago, it is as if it is today since it still applies. I still believe Raina is the one doing all this and should be investigated, prosecuted for fraud and insider trading if not more.

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      • Raina did not cause this nearly 50% short. It was caused and helped by several self serving people. One is a known felone who is definitely a criminal psychopath. One is an ex-hedge fund manager whose fund had the specific goal of shorting stock. He is definitely a socialpath. Anther is an elusive character with delusions of becoming an influential stock player and is the head and only employee of Gotham City Research. These three have used two journalists and have openly solicited a third. They have contacts within the FBI and SEC and IRS since the felone has whistleblower status with them. Grouped together , these three people could be called BAITERs, a term used by Dr Phil to describe a bunch of different mentaly disturbed individuals whose only goal is to make others victims. No, Mr Raina is not part of this group. He like the others here are the BAITERs victims.

      • that's just plain silly.

    • in particular, the quote that "time and cash tell the story" - yeah the lull is tough, but lets not all forget the long thesis. this company has real customers, generates real cash, and has used that cash in multiple third-party transactions. that cannot be faked. tax issues, raina issues, etc. can all be solved (albeit painfully). there is a real business here.

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