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  • sayfu sayfu Oct 5, 2007 10:15 AM Flag

    economy adds 110,000 jobs!!


    in Sept. Wonder if Sierra read it right, and isn't mulling a bogus interpretation of the numbers over in his empty head?

    Maybe he thinks he needs another number provided him by the fed. Maybe Ben got the number from Robert Rubin, and is passing it on to us. Or maybe the number is an average of the consensus that Ben took.

    Up goes the market and the economy boys! Place your bets. "Oh, but the dollar is falling!" "Oh, but the fear of recession is 50-50!" "Oh, but oil is rising!" I SMILE :)

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    • You've been playing with your buddy Larry Craig's tube socks again, haven't you? That always makes you teste. Oh well, you'll get to pull Larry's lever again in 2008....that ought to make you feel better.

      In the meantime, go shop at Walmart.

    • I might take advice from you when you learn to spell. It's 'sense', not 'sence'. You dumbass.

    • "And there were twice as many insource jobs created in recent years as there were outsourced jobs."

      Service jobs, including burger flipping, do not replace manufacturing jobs. Min. wage jobs at WalMart do not replace higher paying factory jobs. 30% of Ford workers do not draw welfare checks as Walmart's workers do.

      "Manufacturing is where India's future lies; this is the real economy" Ravi Uppal, president for global markets ABB Group, Switz. - Business Week, Oct 15. The man has it right. If you can't make anything, fabricate it, you're not a real economy.

    • Jag, you are a moron. Try not thinking for a while, it will make a lot more sence if you think about it.

    • If the bag of tube socks will only sell if it is priced at $1.49 and will sit on the shelf at $2.49 or $3.49, then perhaps the bag of tube socks is not worth making and the jobs are not worth doing. Not all jobs are good. Not all growth is good.

      Here's a hyperbolic example of my point: If a company can create 10 jobs for one that pay $5.25 / hour, but to create those jobs, the company's plant will pollute the Clark Fork River to the point where you cannot put the water on your skin for 100 years after the jobs are gone, are those jobs worth the non-economic costs?

    • You have a point on that one I never thought of, what does rich mean to a Liberal? Peace to a Palestinian is a bullet through the head of every Jew, and Liberal Jews want to make peace with Palestinians. Very smart on the part of Liberal Jews. Rich to a Liberal may mean time spent with family and friends smoking dope, and somebody else pays the expenses to stay afloat, very smart on the part of Liberals.

    • >> I'm referring to transportation/distribution jobs, retail jobs,..any job that is created because of the business of handling Chinese goods. <<

      The distribution and retail jobs would be created whether the good is Chinese or Mexican or German or US.

    • You sure like to pick and choose what to believe about wages. One minute you are posting wages are market driven, the next you are posting you believe regulating higher wages will make everybody richer. Get a grip, before you are too old to know the difference why the same breakfast than cost $9 in the USA, costs $35 in Australia, or why do Mexicans make 10 times what they make in Mexico and not five times as much as they make in Mexico.

    • I have not chosen poverty, and I don't live in poverty. Are you suggesting a government worker forced to join a union is destined to poverty in the USA but a union worker in the EU is golden??? Sounds reasonable, Democrats believe Blacks are destined to live in poverty for no other reason than they are black and are promised to be made golden every time an election comes up. No wonder the EU thinks they are victims of the golbal economy. They are having a hard time dealing with thier inability to regulate in an environment that is not wihin their jurisdiction. Sort of what it is like now for University proffessors. They can BS all they want to in the class room and then a student can log onto the internet and get the other side of the story. Besides the EU union members cheat on each other when they are within each other's jurisdiction. The Brits were smart enough to know that. BTW, you let us know you are overwaited in Euro investments and now you are telling us "YOUR?" sectraies were even contracted with the French?? Are you a European kind of guy taking advantage of the good life living in the USA, and then sit and trash Americans? Are you an anti Americanist???? A bonified Liberal???? Liberals lie about who they are to themselves, and then start believing it enough to lie to their freinds about who they are. Hollywood is a great example of the self destruction. So is the upper crust of the educational elites.

    • Sayfu

      Wal-mart pays what they have to to get help....A person can make over $10.00 as a checker in Grand Junction just starting out (I asked) if they have experience...The reason there is a labor shortage in booming Grand Junction. Officially at 2.5 per cent unemployment.Doesn't pay nearly as much in Durango where there isn't a labor shortage.Just barely above minimum.

      Insurance is usually not needed if you work for Wal-mart unless you own a house or are stupid enough to save any money...As it's put on the national debt if you have to go to our decadent medical system....Also you left out one important point...How wal-mart and other large trusts..(opps I mean corporations) have helped so many privately owned busness owners find a new carrear.

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