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  • eisenjm eisenjm Nov 13, 2012 9:04 AM Flag


    From a national publication--"The failure to beat a hobbled incumbent should remind the GOP that politics is a game of addition, not exclusion. But there are powerful interests in the party-----from evangelical preachers to talk show hotheads to leaders of right-wing pressure groups--who are more interested in ideological orthodoxy than winning elections."

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    • Jag. Obamamoto has promised to rise the tide for certain individuals and lower the tide for other individuals. Do you think what Oabamamoto says he wants to do is possible?

    • Jag IMO making promises you can't deliver on is not a good way to get elected over the long haul. Eventually the promises are going to want to be collected on, and blaming the losers in an election for not delivering the promises will not fill the bill. Addition is only good when it is a reality.

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      • "I think the argument that the top marginal tax rate has anything to do with how our economy performs is NOT based on facts."

        I think you need to educate yourself on how tax rates affect Jobs, and how jobs allow an economy grow or shrink. Bottom line is do the taxes get collected, and if they do what happens to jobs.

      • Obama says he will try to raise taxes on people making more than $250,000 / year. Probably to something closer to 40%, if I had to make a guess.

        Under Eisenhower, the top marginal rate was 91%. The country prospered.
        Under Nixon, the top marginal rate was 70%. The country didn't prosper so much.
        Under Bush, the top marginal rate was 36%. The country didn't prosper so much.

        I think the argument that the top marginal tax rate has anything to do with how our economy performs is NOT based on facts.

        Obama says he'd like to raise capital gains taxes and dividend taxes. I think there should be no capital gains or dividend (or interest) preference. The carried interest loophole should also be closed. I do not think unearned income is more valuable to our economy than earned income.

        Despite the chicken-little histrionics prevalent in the right-wing idiot media (FOX), none of these relatively modest changes will cause the economy to tank. What will cause the economy to tank is greek-like austerity plans. They have roughly triple our unemployment now that they've tried to cut their way out of a fiscal mess.

        We need to get our economy chugging at something closer to capacity than it is now and raise tax revenues.

        After we accomplish those goals in y1 and y2 of President Obama's 2nd term, we need to seriously address the overspend in Medicare, Defense and Social Security. Ideally, we'll figure out a way to provide services, take care of our elderly and give our kids some kind of lower debt future.

        We ALWAYS need to work on making government more efficient. I'm not arguing that government is perfect or the solution to all problems. But the "markets solve all problems" religion is also stupid. You see, governments, corporations and markets are tools for organizing ourselves in large groups to accomplish things we can not accomplish on our own. Just as a hammer is a fine tool for putting in a nail, it's the wrong tool for driving in a screw.

        Anyhow, President Obama continues what looks like a tough job to me. Whether he will do it better than Governor Romney could is speculation and cannot now be proven because Romney won't have a shot.

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