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  • jag_freemind jag_freemind Nov 28, 2012 1:05 AM Flag

    Having it both ways.

    Sayfu says: "Anybody that can't see the problem with socialism is on the spending side, and thinks one small group of what the left calls rich people can make any impact raising their taxes, and it will reduce the debt is dumber than a jag..who can't even read a 5th grade chart on economic growth."

    Out of one side of your mouth, you claim raising taxes on the rich won't have an impact, and out of the other side, 2 minutes later, you claim that lowering taxes on the rich will cause significant economic impact.

    You are confused.

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    • And it does. Am I supposed to try, and make you smarter?..knowing I can't do it with my Special Ed students? There are some 900,000 small businesses that would qualify as rich effecting 700,000 jobs being eliminated. And Sierra has made the point, and Romney, and conservatives should have made the same point, but didn't...the middle class and the poor pay for those taxes...the business owner just collects them. Lowering their taxes expands the tax base with increased employment like Bush did with his tax cuts..4.5% unemployment that was defined as FULL employment the unemployment numbers were so low, and for 52 straight months!...a record in duration. Raising taxes on the truly wealthy, making $1 Mill and more keeps the govt running for only 6 days!...And, democrats NEVER achieve the amount of revenue they figure they will on the Harvard chalkboard. You fit into the same dimbulb catagory as the libtard they interviewed telling them that property taxes were going up, and he said, "doesn't effect me, I rent!"

    • Jag I think you either don't get what Sayfu was posting or don't want to know what he posted. The way I see it is Sayfu was posting this. Expecting the rich to pay for the total government debt is stupid, they don't have enough wealth to pay the freight. Then in the next sentence he posts if you damage the wealthy you damage jobs. Well it is an undeniable truth. The Rich hire employees and the poor don't hire employees. Hiring employees does affect economic growth and taxing the rich is not going to do squat in satisfying deficit government spending but will do great damage to the supply of jobs..

    • Jag both you and Sayfu have been sucked in by the Press. The rich are not taxed. Poor people trying to become rich are taxed with Capital Gains taxes levied on the path to becoming wealthy, and wage earners trying to become rich are taxed on their wages during their path to becoming wealthy. There is no tax on the Rich. The Rich usually take some of their untaxed wealth off the table, call it Capital gains in one column of their tax filing, and then list the same dollar amount in the expense column and don't pay any taxes to the Government since one dollar amount is used to cancel out the other dollar amount.

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      • Jag, one of the reasons the world wants to move to California is foreigners know if one can avoid the tax man in Calif., the path to wealth is unlimited and most foreigners know exactly how to avoid the tax man from experience on the ground from where they came. The dual citizenship frees them up from making the decision to fish or cut bait when voting time comes. Bottom line, with dual citizenship I don't think they give a dam which party wins or loses, the losers will be Washington as both parties watch the Washington revenues shrink right before their eyes, so they print up more currency to borrow from themselves.

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