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  • doublehaul32 doublehaul32 Nov 30, 2012 10:33 AM Flag

    debate- Sierra


    So knowing how tax revenue is generated after the discussion with jag that just made jag appear ignorant, why don't the Republicans take a good fear reasoning strategy to the voters? Fear of who pays the taxes?..fear of what happens when you tax the rich excessively?...fear of what happens when you have terrorists groups expanding that want to kill you because of our policy of appeasement? Fear of what causes increased unemployment, and on, and on. Romney wouldn't do it. I SMILED!..when Newt would be challenged by libs on any of those topics. Newt would factually rub their noses in it. There can be legitimate problems with NEWT, but conservatives had better wise up, realizing what James Carville said about the masses of jags out there that are totally ignorant. They have to have fear struck in them. We can't have Obama saying, "Romney wants to return to the policies that got us in trouble in the first place"....and then have Romney not respond!! And that is why I think a lot of conservatives stayed home, and did not vote. They want socialism taken on, not the notion that the GOP has to be more bipartison, and are too far right wing.

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    • Today's voter is not fearful of getting an F for a grade in the educational system. Why would they be fearful of what a Republican told them? I say they have to get burned before they become fearful of hot stuff promised by Democrats. Bottom line, retired people should be fearful of increasing the spending limit in Congress that would allow the FED to keep printing currency, and the Young should be fearful of tax hikes that will prevent them from getting employed. If MSM can fool you about taxing wealth, it can fool retirees and young people about a Fiscal Cliff and what to do about it.

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      • They'd be fearful because it would be the truth,along with the fear..fear is the only thing they respond to. Tell them who pays the business guys taxes in a truthful, fearful way letting them know they will pay them...AND NO republican made that case, NONE of them! Not Ryan, Limbaugh, Palin, Hannity, O'Rielly, none of them! Conservatives should lose when they can't do that. Who mentioned the fact that Bush created the longest economic boom in American history via tax cuts?! NO ONE! NONE! You sure didn't answer why too my satisfaction.

      • Speaking of getting burned before reality sink in. You can watch the action in Europe as it unfolds for a glimpse into the future of what to expect i the USA. From a German Parliament member referring to German tax payers propping up the Greek government with German taxes increases.
        "You can postpone it until after Christmas, until after the Lower Saxony election, the Bavarian election or the federal elections, but it will come."

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