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  • eisenjm eisenjm Dec 21, 2012 11:37 AM Flag


    North Dakota 3.1% unemployment and fastest growing state
    Forbes Mag and US Census Bureau---Dec 20, 2012
    so is it now "not booming" ?

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    • Ask anyone happy to be working their if they'd like to see liberals put on a slow boat to China. No one likes a liberal working in the oil/gas fields. Liberals as soon those folks were standing in a breadline. And those jobs are only available because they are on private land.

    • Still yes, and smallminddude, that will change when Obama's new fossil fuel regs go into effect. My son left Wa ST. as a builder who has been severely effected by Obama's lack of economic sense, and went to North Dakota to work...stayed about a week, and saw how things are slowing down because for one...demand is so low due to your support for Obama's terrible economy that HE, and your leftist friends have created. Two, operators see what is about to happen with new regs, and are pulling back. In his case it was a case that "I needed to be there a year prior." Big money has been made, and is a big contributor towards what is holding up our very fragile you libs are going after "fracking" speading fear to stop that procedure of increasing the supply of NG. Feel free to criticize anything that I have posted. Show some cajone's rather than just your short, mindless posts.

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