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  • MCROC43 MCROC43 Sep 10, 2008 2:27 PM Flag

    DOW up, but market very weak over all.

    MM, This is starting to get old. What is the major malfunction here? PRFT is meeting their earning predictions quarter to quarter. The price is equal to stocks that are almost bankrupt. I'm starting to lose faith in this company. I'll stay the course for now.

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    • The malfunction is in the market, not in PRFT per se. There is just no fresh money buying up stocks. Stocks are down across the market. Stocks like PRFT are
      getting beat down with an ugly stick. If you have the money, I'd wait it out, but it could take a long time and PRFT could go down a lot more before we see any solid, long-term, recovery. PRFT will be up with any solid market day (unless someone has to dump 100k), today isn't one of them.

    • Mr. "Viagara Jokes Attacking John T. and Jeffrey" asks Mr. "Niagara Jokes Attacking John T. and Jeffrey" what is wrong with this stock????

      The problem is simple, and it is you the greedy shareholders. You are selling because you are much too greedy. It is all about money to you guys as opposed to PRFT's leadership. To them this has nothing to do with money. This is all about the pride of knowing you are building something big and great.

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