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  • ckbenergy ckbenergy Aug 12, 2010 8:07 PM Flag


    Look, they bear raided KERX, they bear raided many little stocks likes these. The important things to realize is that is was on less volume. The chart is still intact and if the pps was 4.40 they would all be pumping it becasue they would be long again. This is a silly game they play. And these analysts said short palm to zero, but it was bought at neasr 6. I actually thought it was a zero myself. How about ARNA, they said this was a zero too. Oh gee, its now at 7 and chnage with a BS weight drug that barely works.. So ignore the BS, becasue when and if this rocks to 5 you will be saying Holy Cow, wtf was i thinking. And if the bear raid continues, at some point the earnings with dictate the real PPS. I say we could see 5 or 6 very soon.. and if the launch is good, then 10..