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  • bullcoach_1 bullcoach_1 Dec 20, 2012 7:08 PM Flag

    Kutz- you watching CLSN?

    P3 data out before Jan. 2013.

    had nice run-up this year.

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    • Bull: I am aware of the data and normally I would consider the angles, but with whats going on in Washington, I have to look the other way until these people in the Capital stop arguing and do some compromising---and it looks like they ain't ready yet!

      Big shock---guess we will all have to travel there with our pitchforks and torches and do some tail kicking! An election is done, nobody is listening to us, and maybe its time the markets paid the piper for it to wake them sorry people up?

      "Sometimes its better to focus on what ya got instead of what ya want" This may be one of those times? Just a thought!

      see DNDN sold their NJ faciility to Novartis---get them cash, but does not mean Novartis will buy them out! Sure you will hear that though!