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  • bcgentil bcgentil Jul 2, 2010 12:53 AM Flag


    IMHO ANO is at least a HOLD. The market forces push many good stocks/companies to lows beyond their value. Where the market goes, so do about 90 percent of stocks. This one should recover in time, IMO. GLTA!

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    • Bob:

      Don't expect any really big gains in the next couple of months. The "experts" predicted a slide during the summer, and once again I had to agree with the TV stock preachers, but on this impending slide only. The recent recovery over the last week or so gave me a false sense of security and I thought the slide was to be short and slight. BUT (!!!) the last few days of a very flat market, not just this stock's, but the entire DJI and Nasdaq tells another story.

      The market is too flat for too long. The daily average is the lowest I have seen in a very long time. On almost all my own personal investments the trading is down to between 3% and 7% of the average daily with the price slowly sliding. The entire market seems to be more guided by emotions rather than by reason and emotions are very difficult to predict. Keep in mind that the apparent bottom may not be the bottom and the pps can really fall fast, especially during this Summer Crunch.

      I akin it to when I was on board ships and came to a glassy seas, and the wind is so still a feather can fall straight down. Too often a storm was on the way. My only thoughts are to batten down the hatches and hold tight. If a stock that has an obvious potential to either hold or increase, get ready to buy, but for now hold till the new bottom is realized. We should see an increase beginning in a couple of months.

      For my own purposes and records, I refer to the slide as "the Summer Crunch", not a second dip or whatever those "experts" want to label it; it looks like we will see a series of slides before we return to "normal" trading. I try to keep in mind that the market goes from flat to volitile over periods of time; always has and always will, but in these times it will probably do it more often.

      Personally, I use particular references when I begin my selections; the frequency of trades, the volume of trades, the recent pps volitility, to name a few. I never use posted or popular comments on a stock; any such references are there for some individual's agenda. Very seldom is there some altruistic person who really knows something and wants to share it, because if everyone buys a stock be such a referral, the pps would go up and the window for profit is gone. My own attitude is that there is room for everyone to make some money, but not on the same stock. I have pulled in my horns and am playing the waiting game for now.

      As for this company, it is still small (in the large scheme of things), but is growing so I am just holding till Oct or Nov. for the peak of the recovery. Looks like another slide will begin in either late Nov or early Dec; another good time to invest.

      The market appears to be rapidly evolving, so all bets on the formet trading habits are out and adaption to a new world of stocks might be in order.

      Best of good fortune to you and yours,

    • Morris,

      Sorry to hear about your situation. I too have been decimated but it was by trading my way to 50% losses since Dow 14,000 days. Need a major home run to make it back and it seems like penny stocks are my only shot.

      ANO is in my view a total scam, they have been around for years and never shown any signs of operating a real business. Please share any possible 1000% gainers you find!

    • Your research is correct, and probably the reason for defense research funding, as the virus high mortality rate makes it a deadly weapon. Yet the technology in use makes it applicable in theory for even a flu virus. Which expands the possible use to millions.

    • Wonder if that is for all 3 strains - Zaire, Sudan, and Marburg? Good info on the Eboli virus in a book - Hot Zone, facts only; hemerogic virus; 2 day incubation; 12 day: Zaire = 94% dead down to Marburg (Germany) = 40% dead. Only 1 outbreak in U.S., airborn, contained and destroyed by fire in SE Virginia, no reported human fatalities. First identified in 1976. Suspected origin: Mt. Kitterman area, Zaire/Sudan border. Next outbreak overdue. In any case, the CDC and WHO will be all over this one.

      Gotta look into into this stock.

      Thanks for the tip.

      Best of good fortune to you and yours,

    • I couldnt agree more I wasnt going to get back in but yesterday was a gift, my only concern is that I believe platinum is being shorted big time

      • 1 Reply to irishmale_47
      • That may very well be true, and shorting is'nt good for the overall markets.
        That's one of the things I didn't factor in with the Summer Crunch; but not to worry. From my own figures, we should see a recovery between late Sept or early Oct. Collective investing has been here for melinia and it isn't going to disappear, so never panic.

        There's a story of a woman who excapes from a mental instution, and runs down the street nude, screaming "I'm free, I'm free". An old hooker on the corner stops her and says, "Honey, no matter how bad the market gets, never panic."

        You can sit and watch things happen, hoping for the best, or you can take advantage of this special time.

        If you have any free cash to play with, this is a good time; people are trading out of fear - panic- creating confusion and in confusion, there is profit. If you're up to it, quick turnovers can make some money, but you're going to have to sit at least 12 hours a day, 7 days a week.
        *Your day will start a minimum of 1 hr before the market opens.
        *Read and understand "Deserada".
        *Only leave your chair for short periods and only to answer nature's calls. If you seed to stand up, do it at your desk only.
        *8 hours trading M thru F - 6 1/2 hrs while market open.
        *The other days and hours DDing and selecting stocks to trade.
        *Garner info from every possible source.
        *Never trade enough to affect the pps.
        *Record all your selected stocks and your observation and never trust your memory.
        *Never fall in love with any stock. Its an item to buy and sell, hopefully at a profit.

        Yeah a full time job and the only benefits is an increase of up to 10% or 15% per trade. You should average incrases on around 80% of your picks, so don't sink a lot into any one stock. No shorts, borrowing or margins; cash in, cash out only. Always observe and look for probabilities. There's no promises, just probabilities. Know that there's room for all; there's thousands of stocks, and nearly every one is going to be affected between now and early Sept, and again between Nov and late Jan, 2011.

        Your minute to minute interpretations is a major factor in this type trading. Be careful, because you can easily and quickly find yourself with an empty purse.

        Know that your family and friends may only recognize you by the look of the back of your head. Accept that and get used to it. You are here to make money, not to enhance your social or family skills.

        Get lots of rest, no alcoholic beverages or perception altering drugs (except necessary, prescribed medications for your heath) at all while doing this volitile trading; no emotions, no distractions. With that you can make some money.

        I am not a wizzard or guru; I simply observe and deduce rationally and unemotionally. This window of trading opportunity is not set, so it may close at any time, but it will most likely open again in November and last a couple of months; I do not have enough information to project beyond that. Unless you have reason to believe that your longs will crash to zero, you might want to hold on to them. They will likely recover.

        Good luck,