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  • nokoincidenz nokoincidenz Feb 7, 2010 5:08 PM Flag

    What is the most valuable thing about Cytori?

    Can another company come in and copy their technology?

    I see the most valuable things being the celution system, patent protection and multiple applications.

    If all of the applications are so good and I believe they are, how long will it take another company to hop on board? Can another company leapfrog and use Cytori's many years of research or does another company have to start from ground Zero? Does the FDA let other companies use data from Cytori to create their own products?

    I also wonder how good the patents are, whether the products or applications can be tweaked to bypass them?

    Finally, we all have seen numbers on the size of these markets. Like the breast reconstruction patients were 3 mil in the US, 3 mil in Europe and I forget how many in Asia, I think it was around 3 mil as well. I am curious what these markets actually translate into? I would think the numbers would be huge just for this application let alone some of the other applications.

    The heart application could be mind boggling!!!!!!!!!!

    This is why it is hard for me to think about people actually shorting a company with the potential Cytori has.

    I was really suprised the other day with the heart news the SP actually ended down. Was all this caused by institutional selling to get into more cash?

    Maybe I am impatient, but these are my thoughts.

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    • The answer is YES to "can another company come in and copy their tech". BHRT is doing just that, and while BHRT is in financial difficulties, it does indicate that the tech can be easily duplicated and if a cash strapped co. can do it, there is not much to prevent big pharma from jumping in once the tech gets really popular.

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      • Interesting, do you have any links?

      • You're company can duplicate this tech....the software is a big part of the whole and no company can duplicate that legally.

        Go back to bed.

      • Re: Can CYTX protect its market niche? 17-Dec-09 07:26 am My message back in Oct.--Re: A question to the board 23-Oct-09 09:36 am I'll try to share my belief that CYTX has all the advantages over any competitor.Cytori has optimized output,shown it is consistent and clinically safe.Yes,anyone can pull fat out of your as s,but only CYTX has invested the millions required in pre-clinical and clinical work and is the only one even close to showing that the CLINICALS yield positive results.Competitors would have to show that their process yields meaningful and viable output[the biology of adding enzymes,IT technology attached to the machine,etc],otherwise cells can be inert,if not unsafe.The CYTX process also has strong patent protection.
        Lastly,they have credibility in the marketplace from the partnerships with Olympus [manufacturing] and GE[sales].
        This is all fact,not hype.Some of the bashers should have the fat removed from their buts and injected into their ears so we can see if they grow brains.

    • I appreciate yours and others position but i will not let those who start theswe things get off scot free.

      If it goes unanswered it only allows the mutts to continue.

    • pbest, One thing I can say is you don't sugar coat your views,
      I respect your honesty how you feel; it just hit me awkward and felt the need to respond.

    • My posts that include god or politics were in response to others ...i did not start the conversations so get off your high horse and shut yer yap as well.

      In politics if you vote repub your vote supports bin laden who has the same goal as the repubs of Obama's easy.

      as to god......your gutless freakin god is a well as anyone who prayed to that mess for war and then refused to enlist.

      get yer facts straight little fella.

    • Pbest, your tone has changed since your first few post's here. Is it your intention to ruffle even the core believers in the one that created stem cells in the first place IMO!
      thought you had something good to contribute at first, but by bring your other views out about political and religious beliefs into perspective, maybe it’s time to switch gears again and type what you seem most knowledgeable about the market, naked shorting and Cytori’s technologies.
      Please don't take this the wrong way.
      Best to you,

    • Don't use God in day you will experience God's wrath. Ez to talk stink about God when you are in good health, very difficult to do when you are on your death bed!

    • Your a carter idiot on ignore!

    • Then shut yer yap and stop asking Obama to create jobs.

      LOL..not that it matters to a welfare boy like you.

    • Tax and spend liberals!

      Whatever the Dems think, gov is not what grows the economy.

      Gov needs to get out of the way and stop spending all of our money!

    • "God needs to clean up the republican party"

      Sorry dude, Satan is in charge of the republican party


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