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  • rhdapeng rhdapeng Feb 8, 2010 9:24 AM Flag

    What is the most valuable thing about Cytori?

    The answer is YES to "can another company come in and copy their tech". BHRT is doing just that, and while BHRT is in financial difficulties, it does indicate that the tech can be easily duplicated and if a cash strapped co. can do it, there is not much to prevent big pharma from jumping in once the tech gets really popular.

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    • Re: Can CYTX protect its market niche? 17-Dec-09 07:26 am My message back in Oct.--Re: A question to the board 23-Oct-09 09:36 am I'll try to share my belief that CYTX has all the advantages over any competitor.Cytori has optimized output,shown it is consistent and clinically safe.Yes,anyone can pull fat out of your as s,but only CYTX has invested the millions required in pre-clinical and clinical work and is the only one even close to showing that the CLINICALS yield positive results.Competitors would have to show that their process yields meaningful and viable output[the biology of adding enzymes,IT technology attached to the machine,etc],otherwise cells can be inert,if not unsafe.The CYTX process also has strong patent protection.
      Lastly,they have credibility in the marketplace from the partnerships with Olympus [manufacturing] and GE[sales].
      This is all fact,not hype.Some of the bashers should have the fat removed from their buts and injected into their ears so we can see if they grow brains.

    • Interesting, do you have any links?

    • You're company can duplicate this tech....the software is a big part of the whole and no company can duplicate that legally.

      Go back to bed.

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