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  • jmw6969 jmw6969 Dec 19, 2012 6:43 PM Flag

    For 30 years out of my 40 year career I dealt with and negotiated with the Japanese

    I hope that Calhoun learned that just because the Japanese are shaking thier heads up and down and nodding or saying yes. They don't mean they are agreeing with what you are saying...If ou believe that it is nothing more thanfalse hope. I also, hope he knows how to sign and carry a tune because they love to spend time signing and crrying on at keroke bars and men's business clubs!!! Sometimes you have to take one for the team!!

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    • You've dealt with and negotiated with the Japanese for 30 years? You think the Chinese are more honest than the Japanese? The facade you are trying to create for yourself through the anonymity of the Yahoo message board is wild and I don't want to break it for you but come on, "30 years negotiating with the Japanese????" Tell us, which of those two nations most recently knocked off the products you sell? The Chinese cheat, steal and lie as part of their culture. I've been there dozens of times and walk along the stores and see all the copied software, golf clubs, clothing brands and then try to make the claim the Chinese are more honest. They are the least honest of any country in the world. Geesh dude.

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      • mountain, you are talking about "kickbacks" I trust you in your overseas dealings you never got or received a kickback? If you did, I sure hope you reported it as income..the IRS frowns on not reporting it! I didn't realize you were so close to my career..I am honored that you have been following my career path..much appreciated!!! Take care and have a happy holidays..

      • mountain way to stereo type and noot to read a post. as you seem to be replying to me, I guess you know the people I am dealing with so you can comment on them, As is any country there are good and bad business people, with your attitude you must be an effective negotiater yourself. Yes American's are sqeeky clean in all dealings and there are no copyright infringements created by any companies here. Walk down the streets of NY plenty of knockoffs done right here. Sorry to burst your bubble. Wonder what you have to say about blacks, hispanics and jews.

    • 100% true. I have same experience. In Japan they believe in two beings inside one person - the one outside and the one inside. I think CC has been only meeting with the one outside, which often happens to be "false".

      Do you fin the same in other Asian countries?

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