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  • rothco619 rothco619 Dec 26, 2012 11:50 AM Flag

    Exceprt Reality Check and more

    Below is excerpt from 2011 from Cytori Blog. Who would believe that we are through 2012 and are actually hearing the same #$%$ from mangement and still waiting for same approvals we were waiting for in 2011. Will 2013 really be any different. Will Cytori make any promised milestones. Will Cytori make any deals, will the stock price be again below $2 while we are slightly north of how we eneded 2011 which was patetic. Will CC be allowed to run this company into the ground ? Will raises,stock option awards and bonuses continued to be paid for failure ? This has been a #$%$ year and 2013 will bring more of the same if changes are not made. Can't speak for anyone else but I will do my share in 2013 to facilitate change. Class action on behalf of shareholders seems our only viavle leverage at this poin as it is obvious Dean will do nothing. Comments welcome especially from those willing to support.

    But REALITY today is that we are staring in disbelief at a share price south of 2$ for the organization that holds most of the intellectual property of ADRC technology and also "scientifically" discovered their potency 8-10 years ago. Now- isnt that something!! Yes- it is unbelievable that the folks in San Diego -thus far- have been incapable to monetize on their position in this field and let the "rest of the world" catch up to a large degree and taking advantage (legally- or illegally) of the inept attitudes and lacking "sense of urgency" to develop the platform technology.

    The year started pretty well in 2011 with the confirmation of some vital patent applications by the USPTO. But than, instead of the eagerly expected confirmation of events anticipated- sheer silence accompanied by the issues of bi-weekly low priced shares on the market.

    Horror to the tenth degree- even the announcement of CE mark approval for Celution One late in 2011 (guided to receive in Q2 2011) was extremely subdued- no mention that the machine was substancially equivalent to Celution 800 and received the same therapeutic claims. I can assure you- it did. Some folks have gone nuts over there in SD apparently or cant think clear anylonger. Same thing with the FDA- frenzy legal activity untill August after two no-no´s on filed 510k´s, but NO activity since that date. I can tell you- plain weird.

    Time will tell- I wont proclaim 2012 as Cytori year- NO WAY- but all I can do is buy shares and hope that incompetent managers find their nut according to the blind squirrel theory.

    I hope they will and if that happens to be a sizable nut- I might even be willing to forget all the agony of the past ten years, but than again- we have been through that every year.

    Sentiment: Hold

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