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  • myownhedgefund myownhedgefund Dec 26, 2012 12:19 PM Flag

    kaas/cytori break even

    Cytori break even in 3Q's is a total joke !!!
    CC cant even seem to make up his mind in the BioWorld article as to when it will happen.
    Using his words however, the need over 15,000 consumable sales a year to get to profitability. We are in the hundreds. It seems it is all based on Japan. Years of miscalulations makes this "guess" just that. A total shot in the dark guess. As I know you remember, self-pay cosmetic business was going to bail us out as well. Where is our self-pay millionaire cardiac patients ? Oh, thats right, we dont even have EU approval...LOL The list goes on and on.

    A word on the 40 translational clinics. How quickly these (assuming successful) auctually bring in significant revenues can be quite a long time...certainly beyond Cytoris current cash levels. Purchase approvals and ramping alone takes time and as of last call some of the 40 were not even started yet.

    Publically...CelutionOne seems to be the machine of choice for now as they work on the cheaper next gen. machine via BARDA funding. How will be willing to wait for that machine vs CelutionOnes 250K price tag is another unknown. :ast CC going to do and Yen hedging strategies ??? LOLOL !!!

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    • Kaas, killing time and thought I'd take a look at what is going on with CYTX only to see my two favorite posters slugging it out :). My continued experience with other companies continues to reinforce that for most all of the indications you cite as potential markets, Cellution is way too expensive. Wound care in particular has numerous other new and promising technologies (ACell, Mimedix) that are generating sales today in the 10's of millions with growth rates in excess of 100% annually. Part of the reason is that they are both more effective and less costly than current standard of care with attractive margins at price points under $2000. CI or MI continue to be Cytori's best bets assuming trials pan out. Here, too, they are competing with Mesoblast who is conducting their own phase III in 2013 for CHF and would most likely be a less costly option. Efficacy will win out in the end so long as there is sufficient cash to get there. But if you are wondering why there are no sales for CYTX other indications, they are unwilling to build a sales force to sell them when they are no more effective and much more costly than alternative therapies. OMHO.

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      • pfish-
        you are plain wrong- hedge and myself are not slugging at each other- we care.for each other and exchange viewpoints, since we are both "receptive" persons so to speak.
        On your other stuff- I will refrain from comment for the same reasons.

      • pfish
        Long time...hello !!!
        I agree much is gambled on cardiac and there is always a chance that it doesnt pan out for one reason or another.
        As for Cytori cost of gen. celution said to be only 10K with cheaper consumable cost...of course you still have the cost of the prodedure itself but given your points cytori could still play a role. I'll take 5% of the wound market any day.
        Calhoun is convinced he has the answer but he has proven nothing yet in terms of acceptance, aka building a sales ramp.
        Good to hear your thoughts pfish.

    • Hedge-
      I hear what you are saying- basically all these guys, including Dean, should be ashamed of themselves, in view of past statements, which were for the birds.
      However- although we do not have approval for cardiac ischemia, we do have approval for fistulae after crohn´s, burn wounds, radiation wounds, trauma wounds and diabetic foot ulcers- thereto cryptoglandular fistulae and a few broad indications, which Cytori NEVER cared to explain.
      Do you think those approvals came from heaven just like manna or virgin mary´s baby?
      Cytori is a black box- on the one side they open their mouth too wide in certain matters - in others they are a totally closed shop.
      I wouldn't be surprised if after the Q4 revenue number, you are a convert.

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      • Kass Cytori mangement has absolutely ZERO credibility. You think they are ashamed of themselves, i frankly don't think they give a dam about shareholders or shareholder value. they want to imcrease one thing and one thing only and that is the size of their paychecks. if there is any value to the science they will milk tahy6 for themselves as well when they sell out and make sure the get a great big golden parachute. to hell with them all, see them in court. Maybe the lawyers will be the only ones to make money but they have some explaining to do and a cklass action is the only way to get them to do it as they surely won't on there own. They want to see a disconteneted shareholder. watch me.

      • After so many years kaas, I would take some devine intervention...LOL
        I believe they make their 9 million for Q4...of course I believed $2's were gone forever as well...LOL
        I would add that we have had some of these approvals for some time...sales ramps take time until we hit what most call the inflection point. Maybe there has been pent up demand in Japan that Cytori can now fill...I can only speak to US hospitals that money isnt just sitting around for things and to get a quick new purchase approval you better have a darn good reason. I therefore view 2014 as a more viable year for CYTX to prove itself . Thats just me.
        As always, appreciate your feedback kaas !!!

    • OK..more than my usual poor typing mistakes but I think everyone can read thru them. Sorry !!!

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