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  • beachplayboy200245224 beachplayboy200245224 Dec 27, 2012 11:43 AM Flag

    Change is needed

    If the current Board of Directors don't schedule a meeting SOON,to discuss the complaint's of the LT shareholders,then they need to resign ASAP.They are supposed to be looking out for the shareholders of CYTX stock,and forget the "GOOD OLE BOY'S" club.We are sick & tired of empty prommises,and the smoke & mirrors #$%$.I have read several other post's that have related to sueing the Board of Directors.I hope it would not come to that.

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    • Beach....There will be no lawsuit guaranteed, WHY ? because CYTX win regardless of the moral issues they are protected. We all know it's all p@@@ and vinigar. I for one will not throw good money after bad.
      They (the board) are not looking out for the lowly shareholders THAT have drug CC over the coals for quite some time. They will do NO more than they are legally obligated too, and frankly would prefer some just sell and go away. They need nothing from a 20,000 share holder outside of silence because they consider them voiceless and of course we are in fact faceless for the most part also.
      Bottom line, we can sell and move on or wait in hope that the constant failure to treat retail investors with any dignity is replaced with good news that gives us the opportunity to vote with our feet. We are entitled to voice our displeasure, but make no mistake them at CYTX will continue to treat us with contempt.
      For me it gets to the point when the lack of accountability outweighs the need to be in the stock.I will wait not so patiently FOR NOW, I might even look back one day and wish I had held but overall the name Cytori does little to instill confidence, trust or excitement as the management team have all but destroyed it. Even though the success of the past year has been considerable the failure to deliver on the most important promises are inexcusable imo.
      So there you have it, a regular guy that was never forced or influenced to buy anything, blames nobody for his mistake but has to accept that he has made choices and will have to decide how he wants to walk away from such a debacle.
      10xx your wildest dreams
      inflection point
      no more dilution
      very very very near
      blah blah blah blah blah...

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    • Dean won't do anything. Cytori having to spend money on lawsuit is not optimum use of fund,however,law suit will be only thing they will beforced to respond to. I have tried to reach out to Tom Baker but to no avail, as he did not believe emails deserved a reply. Now they will reply if lawsuit is ultimately filed.

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