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  • kaaskopp_ya kaaskopp_ya Dec 29, 2012 3:36 PM Flag

    Reality Check- Edition 2012

    Exactly on the day- one year after writing Reality Check Part I - its time for Part II.
    This could surprise you somewhat- link as usual in Market Pulse, here on Yahoo.

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    • Kaas, have quite frankly believed too much of your and other CYTX die-hard investors have over relied on faith and suspended realistic analysis of CYTX relative to other competitors. Nonetheless, I sincerely hope that faith is rewarded in 2013 with technology promise overwhelming management and balance sheet deficiencies. Ischemia or MI could be the high value indications that lead to fulfillment of that promise. Best wishes for a nice payday should that occur.

    • Is it still Young Foxes?

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    • Kass I used tio be able to go to your site. For some reason I can't access it. Please send me the link and how to get to Market Pulse. Thanks and Happy New Year.

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    • Kaas, I sincerely hope that your predictions for 2013 are realised. It has been a long time coming, but CYTX is now substantially closer to lift off than most people realise. Once this stock enters the broader markets sights, irregardless of the catalyst, analysts and investors will be infatuated with the range of medical indications this technology will be able to address.

      As for your reasons that 2013 will be a turnaround year I agree with the 1st ie. Call for Evidence.
      I am not sure about the second. Dean would not have made a statement like 10XWD if he did not believe in the technology and that the managements approach was the correct one. Obviously there were obstacles and in the imortal words of someone whose name I do not know said, "excrement happens" . Thats the reason I no longer use options or margin.

      Given that the shareprice is a reflection of our dreams and that CYTX has gone as low as 2.46 since the BARDA deal was announced, this constitutes a realised worst nightmare scenario for most of us. I would like to modify Mr Dean's forecast and propose that 2013 finds CYTX investors realising 10 times there worst nightmare ie $24.60. As for my wildest dreams I keep them to myself for fear of being thought ridiculous.

      Best wishes to all for 2013.

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    • Kass I responded to the post from jg before i went to your site to read reality check. we are of like mind.

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