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  • wall_street_titan wall_street_titan Jan 30, 2013 10:09 PM Flag


    There is an excellent article on Seeking Alpha today for those who missed. Very highly researched and well written.


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    • Titan ---What's your take on NBS? Always respect your opinion since the day's of PLUG.

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      • grp48,

        I haven't followed NBS closely but took a look after you asked. I'd stay focused on ATHX and CYTX and drop NBS based on my limited review. I note this:

        "PCT has provided services to over 100 clients in its 12-year history, and is the only contract manufacturing organization to have worked with a client’s product (Dendreon, Inc.’s Provenge) through all of the phases of clinical trials and ultimately to FDA approval. PCT offers its clients and NeoStem cell processing and development capabilities on both the East and West Coasts of the U.S. PCT is built on a strong foundation of services that cater to the industry as a whole, reducing our reliance on the success of our own varied technology platforms in that we still have the opportunity to capture growing revenues from industry growth. Furthermore, PCT’s manufacturing revenues would increase significantly should a client progress through Phase I, II, and III trials and into commercialization where larger numbers of cells are needed."

        The Dendreon model (autologous with significant processing) will eventually be obsolete, IMHO. Too expensive and it will bankrupt our already burdened healthcare system if it were to become widely used.

        Just For Old Times Sake,

        MrFuelCell KNOWS!!!!!!!!

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    • Titan-- I as you have done quite well with ATHX. I recently picked up more at 1.05 but wished I had doubled my purchase. This one has room to run. Perfect example of a team well managed, and another one treading water not knowing which way is land. Cytori needs help. It's management lacks direction and energy.

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