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  • jamesdean274 jamesdean274 Feb 11, 2013 1:28 PM Flag

    How Dumb Could CC & Dean Be


    How dumb could CC be to leave the entire S/H base wondering what in the f^&* happened from his Nov. gungho speech to a dirt-cheap secondary in Dec. and then no f^%$*#$ updates to explain why the Company has gotten no approvals and is lanquishing below the dirt-cheap offerring price of $2.85.

    And apparently Dean is even dumber because he has allowed this to go on and on top of that rewarded CC with more stock options than usual and a bunch of unearnred restricted stock awards.

    You can't make this s&^% up!

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    • crude accessment of the situation but unfortunately accurate. cc & co continue to say they understand the situation and frustration but as of yet have taken no action to rectify. having been on this merry go round for 4 years, wonder is it time to get off. mangement imposes deadlines on themselves and then fails to meet them and yet we all stay in because of the science. the science means nothing unless it can be commercialized and turned into a revenue stream. I guess we all wait until March and then have to decide, when CC tells us the deal is very very very VERY!!! close and EU reimbursement is even closer, and that barda payoff is right around the corner. all things that could happen but then again how much different was latest secondary different then cancelled Seaside deal. this is the stuff that continues to baffle me.

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      • Chris says: OMG, you see, we're are so really, really, super close to the inflection point to almost, if not exactly, be in the contract stage for some truly amazing, but top secret deals that... Oopsie! gotta sell a s***load of shares for $2 and change cuz, well, I guess was full of it. How do I get away with lying out loud on conference calls with the evident purpose of misleading investors? Cuz nobody who matters really cares. LOL. Works out great for me. Just check out what I've pulled down in cash and other compensation since I got this gig.

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