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  • emccabe44 Dec 11, 2013 3:05 PM Flag

    No more students.I'm retired but do seminars from time to time.Mostly just trade now.

    And expose cheats to investors.Sorry I've been on this one so much but CYTX is one of the biggest cheats to investors that I have ever come across.If I can prevent 1 investor from losing all his money to these cheats it's worth it.

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    • You truly are a fool!!! And, no, I don't believe in Santa Claus. I do believe that there is a Devil and you are one of his foolish disciples because you are a liar, and as the the Bible states, the Devil is the father of the lie.

    • You don't do seminars, your just a dope!

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    • Please give us a list of the facts you found in the course of your DD that have lead you to believe that this is a "scam" and please be very specific as to sources, dates and who said what to whom.
      Frankly I don't find you credible and not too smart either. Anyone who is short a $2.30 biotech stock is nuts even if it is a "scam". These things can move hundreds of percent on a rumor, true or false and the margin maintenance requirement for shorting a $2.30 stock is well over 100% at most brokers.

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      • emccabe44 Dec 11, 2013 7:52 PM Flag

        I am not a short.Period.Where do you want me to start ? with the independent studies in Europe that show the results were no better than current tharapies ?That the so-called breast studies done on 23 women in which 19 claim they were satisfied was used as proof that it works even though they never had the current therapies performed before and had nothing to compare it to ?And a separate study using current therapies had the same number of satisfied patients ? Or the many independent studies that have shown that separating stem cells from fat tissue and reinjecting it into the prescribed area vs not separating the stem cells and using adipose as it is with no machines had the same end result ? Or another study done in England which was actually funded by Cytori itself that came to the conclusion that They cannot determine if this therapy is safe,and that they couldn't say for sure whether the cells reinjected into breast cancer survivors wouldn't duplicate the cancer cells themselves and that it would take at least 5-10 years to determine whether this procedure is safe in humans.On and on I can go.I will provide you with the specifics you ask for,give me a couple of days.Now I ask you to provide me with 1 single fully completed trial in humans that has concluded that the procedure is safe as documented and shows that the procedure used by Cytory's machines is better than standard excepted proceedures and provides a better end result which would result in an FDA approval.

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    • xx369 Dec 11, 2013 5:48 PM Flag

      Mr what you are saying, they don't have proof of concept to move into a US FDA phase two trial. Your comments are ridiculous.

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      • xx369 Dec 11, 2013 5:55 PM Flag



        SAN DIEGO, CA and TOKYO -- (MARKET WIRE) -- 12/07/10 -- Cytori Therapeutics (NASDAQ: CYTX) and Astellas Pharma Inc. have entered into a strategic equity agreement to evaluate the potential of adipose derived stem and regenerative cells for the treatment of serious illnesses for which there is no fundamental treatment. Astellas will purchase approximately 1.43 million unregistered shares of Cytori common stock at $7.00 per share for net proceeds to Cytori of $10 million. As part of the agreement, Cytori granted Astellas the following additional rights:
        •Two year right of first refusal for a worldwide research, development and/or commercialization partnership using Cytori's products and technologies in the treatment of liver disease;
        •Non-voting observer seat on Cytori's board-of-directors; and
        •Participation in a newly formed scientific advisory board.

        Per this agreement, Cytori and Astellas will further explore a collaboration for an advanced regenerative drug technology. The premium equity purchase will further support Cytori's ongoing clinical and commercial activities. The transaction is expected to close around December 13, 2010, subject to customary closing conditions.

    • Yeah right - I'm going to believe in a list that a scammer shows me!!!
      Now who's gettingitwrong44!!!

    • You are not what you say you are, nor have you done any DD on Cytori. If you indeed had done DD on this company, you would realize that it's products are being positioned to be a standard at the point of care for many different indications, at a fraction of the cost that other cell therapies will have, with potentially similar or better efficacy. Not only that, but they have patents defending their method of supplying Adipose cells at the point of care (read: in hospital), raising the barrier for anyone else to utilize this method. There is nothing even close to a "scam" about this company, you are just a short who is trying to spam these message boards so retailers who don't do any DD are scared off. Go take a long walk off a short bridge please.

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      • emccabe44 Dec 11, 2013 5:13 PM Flag

        Go take a long walk off a dead stock......

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      • Well said sir.

        More evidence that our new best friend can't possibly be what he says he is: 1) How could he possibly be a professor of business economics and not understand the concept and common practice of a strategic partner paying a premium for a stake in a firm? 2) How could he hold a stock brokers license and think Is it possible for KT LIM to short the stock before buying his stake and NOT report that information in his S-3 filing?

        He gave his opinion, thinly supported as it was, said he would leave, and now won't shut up. He should realize by now that his back-of-the-envelope analysis and conclusion is not going to sway investors that have 100s, if not 1000s, of hours of research into this firm and industry. Perhaps he needs to familiarize himself with Einstein's definition of insanity.

        BTW, Tom did not leave for performance or company concern reasons. It was all about logistics. As one who has been in his shoes, I think he did a pretty good job in IR while there.

    • emc - I have stated it before, AND, I will state it once again - YOU ARE A SHORTER and VERY FULL OF POOP!!! You are truly a poor excuse for a human being. GET FREAKING LOST!!!

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