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  • wall_street_titan wall_street_titan Mar 13, 2014 12:39 PM Flag

    BARDA Upside Not Appreciated by Investors

    Surprised to see the stock trade down given that all three criteria were met and that, on the cc, Marc Hedrick said that Cytori was meeting with BARDA counterparts weekly or semi weekly. What the market does not realize is that this is just about $54,000,000. Its bigger than that. Its a totally financed path to FDA approval for burns and soft tissue applications. Its a totally financed desktop version of the Celution that could be sold profitably for $10k. It's about BARDA potentially purchasing Celutions immediately and much bigger orders after the desktop version is developed. But its even bigger than that because these Celutions will not be sitting in a back room waiting for a nuclear accident. According to Marc H., BARDA wants them deployed to help patients. There is already a mushrooming industry of adipose stem cell clinics opening up in the U.S. despite the regulatory risks becasue of huge patient interest and demand. Either my estimate of BARDA success at 85% is too high or investors don't appreciate the ramifications of what BARDA will mean to both Cytori and stem cell access in the U.S.


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    • WST- you have too much faith in pure capitalism.
      What we see here with cytx is nothing short of crony-capitalism.
      Collusion btwn big pharma, market makers and FDA.

      Computers are running the show here. Only a major catalyst and press will fuel this fire.

      Just look at the recent nonsense with PLUG!
      Where is the SEC when the retailers need them?!

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    • WST...I would agree that at least some part of BARDA continuing probably has a 85% chance...of course CYTX management thinks they hit the first targets..BARDA must agree and then approve...but the next phase has several possibilities on how it could play out and the 56 million may come or ot could be less or we hear part soon and maybe more later. I have asked this question several times...we may not get the 56 million approved all at once. On the call management wouldnt even answer if it is all approved do they get a lump sum or is it paid out over time. Typical bozos.
      I do disagree with one aspect...if BARDA does place machines there will be some training use but thats it until a FDA approved indication or another FDA approved US trial. In other words they wont be using these machines for just any patient who they think it will benefit anytime soon.

    • Wall street. This is where the lack of credibility hurts. It all sounds really good but will it come to fruition. As an educated long term investor who has been through this for years I have my doubts.Remeber , Hedricks was the same guy who told us 2 +years ago that revenues generated from the EU on breast reimbursements would drive Cytori to break even and that was without approval sin the USA. That never happened, just like most of what we have been told has never happened as planned. Don't count your chickens before they are hatched especially with Cytori track record. It is with great financial pain that i make these admissions to myself. it is what it is and one can never be to careful when it come to anything this management team reports. Thus the action we are seeing now.

    • Agreed. The BARDA ramifications is much more than the face value of the contract. Very fustrating indeed!

    • Frustrating isn't it?

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