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  • booleansearcher booleansearcher Mar 6, 2013 9:25 PM Flag

    Do we buy this one

    or put it in a jar and bury it? Oil prices WILL RISE AGAIN - Q1 will show rising US economic growth - slow but rising and as we progress throught the summer it will accelerate. SO -- we buy it now. Boolean.

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    • realinvestmentstrategies realinvestmentstrategies Mar 6, 2013 11:14 PM Flag

      As I attempted to portray in my last thread, ESTE share prices are discounted a bit, probably due to its small size, extreme minor position in most of its new wells, and also Ray's poison pill. IMO the share price is probably fairly valued based on its assets and that small company discount.

      If oil prices change, the whole industry, KOG, FPP, HES, EOG, XOM and all the rest. So if all you care about is the price of oil and the US economy, there are better ways to play it than in ESTE shares.

      Back to your original question, buy it, put in in a jar, bury it???, we haven't seen all this new investment play out yet. I'd wait a few more quarters and see if the $15-30 million Ray's investing from last year to the next is producing reasonable sales and BOE increases. IMO there has been considerable lag in the tangible results, so all you can do is speculate.

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