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  • jerrywang99 jerrywang99 Sep 18, 2010 12:59 PM Flag

    Trading under $1.00

    fyi - friday was quadruple witching, not triple witching.

    as for stock movement, in the next two months we will see updates on the backlog and earnings, both of which will undoubtedly have grown even the though the rest of the CRO industry is suffering.

    and most importantly, reading between the lines from the recent company presenations, i believe they will announce a formal and large partnership either with one of the big boys in the CRO industry or with another large pharma/biotech company. this will be important because it gives them great access to the large phase 3 trial segment.

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    • Hey Jerry,

      You seemed to indicate that a partnership agreement might
      for you think it is that imminent?

      Regarding VSCP's pursuit of a partnership....I was wondering
      if VSCP's imaging techniques could be transposable to the
      geonome world....there was an article in IBD recently
      about how Illumina will be making the assaying
      process available in 3 years at a fraction of its
      current cost. Whaddya think??

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