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  • yags_2001 yags_2001 Jan 3, 2013 9:29 PM Flag volume today....perhaps an announcement soon?

    maybe an update regarding FDA SWEET would that be? large volume the past few weeks with slight increase in pps......someone getting in cheaply ahead of good news? ...Gotta wonder.....afterall, we were promised some news before year end and nothing came........hmmmm? Time will tell as always.......I'm rather disappointed here as they have underperformed now for over a year imho.......PPD alliance was not very lucrative, at least not what it seemed it would be imho.....still holding and holding faith this little engine who could.....will deliver the mail! :D

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    • Yags:

      Happy New Year my friend! I'm still holding my full position of 16,000 shares of VSCP from an average cost of $.99 cents. I continue to have faith that VSCP will come forward with a positive news announcement in the short term that ultimately will lead the company to a turnaround and provide share price enhancement to stockholders. Merk Global did not get into VSCP last year without very good reasons. Patience here continues to be the key.

      On a different note but again with extreme speculation, take a look at STXS. I got into that stock with 24,000 shares at $2.8749 with the expectation of seeing a turnaround in the short term. I believe the turnaround is now in process. It should ultimately lead to a much higher share price. You will see my postings at that chatboard.

      I did extremely well given my second pass through Sunrrise Senior Living (SRZ) this past year given the recent buyout offer of $14.50/share. I took my profits and invested them into another similar type of company by the name of Five Star Qulality Care (FVE). If you are looking for a low risk/high potential return investment, FVE could well be a very good choice - - - but again with patience being the key.

      Cheers and good investing,

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      • 2 Replies to retiredtechie
      • Happy New Year to you as well RT......thanx for the new bait for 2013....I will have a look and perhaps I will be tempted to bite.......I have around 15k shares of VSCP right now, and continue to hold with patience as I like the companies fundamentals at this point, and believe they are WAYYYYYYYYYYY unndervalued, but of course, I'm biased!!!!.......

        yes, SRZ has turned into a bonanza.....who'd a thought, then again, Ordan does work magic at times, doesn't he?............I nver had the patience to stay in SRZ after my father in law was imprisoned there....and the horrific service he received....however, I should have known that this was a "GOOD" thing for the company.....skimp on workers and services and it adds to the bottom I truly wasn't thinking financially, merely, emotionally and wondering how anyone would keep their loved one there........of course, we did, and had our reasons sadly for having to do so.........

        I'll check out your other tidbits.....however I have a few for you as well............I've dumped ANX last year as I made a decision its a scam or at the very least can never be taken seriously.....I rate it the same as TLON, although that might have a chance since it does have some decent big name backers to it.....however, I'm done with the cancer drug companys as I think its all a game to make money and nothing serious about finding a cure sadly......just my opinion.....

        my suggestions to you would be INO and MRNJ(still).......

        INO imho has huge potential......and insider buying......consistently, and not to the degree we saw at addition, the CEO is hands on their with the actual operations and development.....makes me more comfortable on his not totally relying on contractor's opinions...

        MRNJ is the little penny stock that COULD have the potential to move off the some DD on it......I think its worth a $1k investment at the least........its an APP company.....hottest sector in the history of mankind!!!!

        Also, for a firm and sold investment, try ATI.........with the economy slowly turning around commodities are set to get hot again, and nothing like a pure play on titanium and stainless steel and other specialty metals......I have NO doubt this will be trading in the $60 range by the end of the year with a solid dividend as well........

        OK, those are my gems, I think all will easily double before year end, if not more....

        my final highly speculative pick is ACTC......not for the fearful......stem cell company that is showing great signs of helping those with macular degeneration or blindness due to old age......GLTA!

      • Dear RT,

        It's been quite a long time! Happy New Year and hope this finds you in good health.
        VSCP has been a trial of patience over the past year. My concern for the next quarter or so is whether Merck will stay the course and belly up with the next 3 million dollar installment....if they
        pull out, it could tank the stock for a while....any thoughts anyone?

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