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  • superpsiboy superpsiboy Apr 27, 2010 8:07 AM Flag

    Speculative Outline

    As I have seen GE has never shown any support fo ltbr. Now with the mega watts-mega tons....the US would reduce Weapons Grade Plutonium domestically.....even though Westinghouse has been a strong supporter of LTBR they are not a US company. It is my opinion if there is a US partner, it will be GE for domestic security reasons...sure this can be agumented by the partnership of another company with ltbr. Why not....both areva and westinghouse are in this for the money.
    Areva doing business with ltbr in the US since december 2009 9 as per moj's link......Areva would have no need to work on a uranium rod or non-weapons grade rod here in the US.

    If GE knew that they were part of this grander plan then that would explain alot.

    Next topic is Areva working on 3m fuel bundles on lwr's while rosatom works on v1000's. Both of these are for uranium/thorium fuel rods in europe. Once complete a migration of tech for use in non-weapons grade P is not a difficult transistion.

    LTBR business plan puts these completion dates right in line with the completion of UAE reactors as well.

    On new consulting clients it has been said that Korea is possible, other than the fact that ltbr has shown Korea political clout I don't see this. I think Vietnam more likely as Vietnam lacks infrastructure and wish's to "keep up with the Jone's"...
    Yes the possability of a gulf state is equally as likely.
    According to ltbr they plan on an approved thorium bill end september 2010. This should tie-in with all 3 types of fuel rods and a production facility...GE JV.
    As it stands now LTBR needs the french and russians for fuell rod bundle production over seas, that is not acceptable for a weapons grade rod bundle, a facility could be used to produce all 3 types of possibly more tech in the greater fissele disploal,storage and utilization program.
    One of the "groups" of nuclear players that ltbr is a part of will most likely have several of it's members involved.

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    • Interesting as always Super! Many of those dots have got to be connected, there's no way we've stockpiled our talent with nothing brewing.

      Also, our Doc Sam Vaidyanathan spent most of his career at GE Nuclear Energy. Any workable connections there? Hmmmmmm.

    • billfortune Apr 27, 2010 9:30 PM Flag

      Super, you out did yourself !!!

      Don't forget clean coal; we are working on design/construction of Coal-to-Liquids with little or no CO2.

      We still need to get off of foreign oil and we still need diesel and gasolene to power trucks...

      P.S. the little people are working hard and paying their taxes to help China get our technology; See: OPPORTUNITY: U.S.-CHINA CLEAN ENERGY RESEARCH CENTER. As my Spanish (Spain) x-wife said-"Americans are the stupid rich".


      no where near nuclear as a steady source of energy

      as far as carbon less green energy the only other good plays are geo thermal and new water falls....

    • bag holders...

      the guy that bought the stock for $12.50

      Right now you hold the bag...

      as Insta has said there is a value of zero associated with the fuel tech....that bag might fill up one of these mornings buddy!

      ltbr has not pushed the pps with press release...they have been extremely conservative and we are all early on a great stock with a greater future

    • If I recall correctly Seth said 6 nations...he was talking to 6 nations and business?

      saudi arabia
      great britan
      united states

      This is a guess the country..process od elimination list



    • Politics...

      on the conferance call even they said the words "election year"

      obama camp will use the whole clean energy through carbon.....chu's close the fuel cycle....modeled after ltbr's business model in his re-election campaign

      I say we will be hearing the hallowed words all over the press and from the presidents mouth very soon...the words are...

    • Bill Gates and his Terra....their goal is different from that of ltbr. That said if he supply's these small disposable thorium reactors to 3rd world nations they have no internal agency's to control them. They would be ideal clients for ltbr consulting and the US would want controls and moniters prior to gates exportation of any nuclear tech to minor nations. Any press from the gates camp would be huge.

      On the new thorium compnay....they are not direct competition for ltbr since they are dealing with candu boiler reactors. Could they cahnge later? Yes but we are well ahead of the curve.

      On mining currently thorium is considered a contaminant, which will end once a useful purpose for it is implimented as well as other rare earths.....yes Sean it is a good idea.

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