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  • superpsiboy superpsiboy Aug 31, 2010 10:45 AM Flag

    Hurricanes, shorts, S&P, probabilitys!

    Well Surf's up Moj as you got 4 in the works (There is always a next wave from the sahara)....but they all probably won't hit the least 1 to bring more bad news to the gulf...all speculation of course

    Now is time to plan, oh I did short the S&P with almost everything......I don't think it can be supp..

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    • Bwhahahahahhahahahaha
      Your my kinda Injun!

      Yes I am still short by the way, not a chicken me!

      But if the DOW goes to 16000 I will gladly accept everyones contributions as I am whiped out!

    • Those bartardos!

      They keep taking everything from the Indians!


    • Nice....glad you caught another winner Evil.. far as the country goes...I am not a bush or obama guy..
      if I had it my way...we would
      have small business re-invent Industry with all those vacant buildings across our land...
      I don't think the corporations are looking out for the middle class which is the soul of our country...

      Hummmm...I would probably cause a trade war...but that's ok with me because I am interested in our success not other nations..hummmmm

      short term....I don't see any demand
      I think th unemployment figures are low...
      It is interesting watching them try to turn these things into bullish signs..

      I think we get worst, then I think we get better

    • not saying that I like the Iraq currency.....I am asking if it has any chance in any ones opinion..because if it is currently fractional and regained value because of it's reserves.....and yes it is a risk

    • even more off topic...I hear alot but this one caught my interest enough to mention here and get your thoughts...
      I have done my usual zero research....
      Someone told me they were buying Iraq currency which is worth very little since they are back on their own and they have oil....

      What do you think of that LTBR Board?

    • I knew that about scalping..
      Oh Froogy my Best friends here are cherokee....

      Back to shorts, should I lose because of "princilpe's"????


      Your not a sucker either evil......

    • Hahahhaahahhah...very entertaining thread guys!

      "I remember a day when you were saying shorting should be illegal anti american blah blah blah"....Yes I did say that. Back then I did not understand that shorts keep npieces of crap from running, but other than that factor I am still against them philosiphically.(spelling! hhahahha)

      I am Long the USA! I think near term is bitter. I don't believe we are in a bull market, you posted about houses in detroit on actc board as well.....detroit might seem better because it was in bad shape prior to crash and is an obaba favorite.....
      I live in a decent area of the country and I have people calling me at home asking for work.....not a good sign
      I think soon as the algorythm and the people on TV say so the DOW goes down like a $2 hooker!

    • Do Super one better.
      We'll call you 2 Dogs Evil

      There was this old Indian chief, who was in charge of naming all of the children who were born in the tribe.

      One day a young brave came to the old chief and asked "How do you name the children who are born, how do you think ofall of the different names to name them?".

      The old Indian chief said "When young brave is born and hawk is flying over, that baby shall be named Hawk Flying Over. When young brave is born and snow is gently falling, that baby shall be named Snow Gently Falling".

      The old Indian chief sits up, and looks the young brave in the eye and says "So tell me, Two Dogs Humping, why do you ask?"

      Treat the earth well.
      It was not given to you by your parents,
      it was loaned to you by your children.
      We do not inherit the Earth from our Ancestors,
      we borrow it from our Children.

      Ancient Indian Proverb

      You can still get scalped in Peciltucky.

      Here's a list of summer camps you may NOT want to send your kids to:

      Tommy Lee's...............Camp Kickachick
      Monica Lewinsky's.......Camp Suckaweewee
      President Clinton's.......Camp Getahoochie
      Ellen DeGeneres's.......Camp Lickacoochie
      Kenneth Star's.............Camp Catchacrook
      O.J. Simpson's............Camp Killachick
      Lorena Bobbit's............Camp Cutaweewee
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    • Hey where’s my post? Testing 123

    • interuption....where was I?..Let me ramble as usual.
      Hurricanes impact on S&P could be both good and bad so I don't consider that a factor.
      Probabilitys....I have won the shorting game like around a dozen times....I am due to lose..

      But I am a bear for 2010 so worst case is I wait.

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