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  • brdwachr2 brdwachr2 Jan 8, 2013 11:20 AM Flag

    CHINA blazes trail for clean Nuclear Power from Thorium

    I don't know if you can post a link anymore. I am trying to post an article from "The Telegraph". If the link doesn't work use the title of my post to find it. No mention of "Thorium Power" AKA Lightbridge unfortunately.

    "The Chinese are running away with thorium energy, sharpening a global race for the prize of clean, cheap, and safe nuclear power. Good luck to them. They may do us all a favour. "

    "You can view it as a technology race or a joint venture in the common interest. It hardly matters which. If the Chinese can crack thorium, the world will need less oil, coal, and gas than feared. Wind turbines will vanish from our landscape. There will less risk of a global energy crunch, less risk of resource wars, and less risk of a climate tipping point.

    Who can object to that?"

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    • They are pretty much taking what Captain Kirk has been saying very seriously. It was their reading of his pleading on the internet that started their entire interest in this project, it is all because of his efforts. Now there are orders of magnitude behind getting a functional LFTR up and running than LTBR has ever seen. We will have to license this tech from the Chinese, because although we are highly creative, we either lack vision or are tied to vested interest. I hope that FLIBE can do something and fast, but look at how many engineers and scientist this project already has, to basically repeat what we did in the 60's and then take it to the next level, the one the Nixon administration nixed for political reasons. Good going tricky #$%$.

    • Special interest groups interested only in lining their pockets have already objected numerous times.

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