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  • PatientMD PatientMD Sep 21, 2010 1:23 AM Flag

    pump and dump is nonsense in small biotech!!!

    for all that have invested in small biotechs waiting for phase 3 results or FDA approval, there is only one certainty and that is any run up without passing these milestones cannot be sustained and "traders" are merely jerking you around with meaningless news or rumors.

    AEZS is a small biotech with slight cash flow which is a positive; has a nice pipeline rather than being limited by the success or failure of one drug ( unfortunately for all us longs we no the pain of previous failure on BPH drug which was the key element of their pipeline, but we are still in the game because of other drugs now moving forward) but for now the success or failure of investment depends on whether perifosine phase 3 studies for MM and colorectal cancer are positive; if so, potential is huge because besides these approved indication this drug will also be used "off label" for other solid tumors until other studies completed.

    so what is the value of this stock? 0-1 with negative phase 3 tests and who knows maybe double digits if results are positive; the day to day flucuations are meaningless! all the conjecture on this board is nonsense based on rumors and speculation! Positive perifosine results will bankroll other drugs in pipeline maybe without dilution or maybe even provoke buy out talks by big pharma companies with poor pipelines.

    so roll the dice and stick with your investment for the long term waiting for those results or day trade on rumors hoping to make small profits from these hiccups that occur in chart.
    the message board just fuels this speculation but the "hard news" will come out hopefully sooner than later.
    this is terrible investment if the phase 3 studies fail to support the drug and great one if they do, and I defy anyone unless they have relatives working for the FDA (it does seem that leaks regarding results of trials in these small companies often proceed public notification) to predict those results ( remember AZES's BPH drug which was supposed to be so good until those phase 3 results surprised)

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