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  • bioinvestor71 bioinvestor71 Apr 20, 2011 6:52 AM Flag

    AEZS - Why should be stock the year.

    For those looking for information on AEZS... why I am long:
    1.) Current market cap 168M, about 40M in cash, 85M shares out and 6M short
    2.)AEZS has revenues of Cetrotide with parters Merck Serono and Japanese partnership
    3.) New Drug Application forthcoming with Solorel which studies have been very favorable
    4.) Perifosine results extremely favorable for multiple cancers which results coming around October
    5.) KERX is North American partner for Perifosine and KERX has twice the market cap as AEZS
    6.) AEZS has partnered with a few other biotechs for Perifosine which will infuse significant cash
    7.) AEZS maintains WORLDWIDE rights to Perifosine which means if approved in US they can reap 100% of the benefits in Europe (without additional studies), China etc.
    8.) Perifosine studies have shown to be very effective with no significant side effects in over 2000 patients
    9.) Deep pipeline
    10.) Late stage drugs offer over 1 billion in annual revenue with worldwide rights
    11.) AEZS108 for bladder, endometrial, prostate and ovarian cancer in stage 2 with favorable results... AEZS approached for partnership but declined so far (listen to annual report 40 minutes into the discussion
    12.) AEZS115, 120, 129, 130, 112, and 123, and 127 offer huge potential
    13.) Analysts short term price targets $5 and $5.50.... long term with favorable results from Perifosine in October should be $7-9 if not higher.

    ... and the current market cap is ONLY 160M!!


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    • AEZS 108 going into pivotal phase III for endometrial carcinoma later this year, worth a $1 incremental PPS on this alone, partnered or unpartnered. If they gain a partner, then they can launch into phase III for ovarian also. If Perofosine is positive in relapsed colorectal in the fall, then we jump $5-7 on that news alone.

      Hold on to your pants, 2011 will be pivotal! Even if trial fails, AEZS-108 and relapsed multiple myeloma trial (2H 2012) gives us another shot on goal!


    • One other point - AEZS is NOT just an ASCO swing trade. AEZS has gone up 18% since $HEFF sold Dec 2010. Nothing against $HEFF, he gets good results, but AEZS is the real deal with another NDA coming in the next couple of months and phase 3 results in October for what can easily be a blockbuster drug. AEZS should be trading above their partner KERX with their worldwide rights to Perifosine and I believe it is just a matter of time before that happens. Anyone "playing" AEZS for ASCO will miss the big gains as momentum continues to October phase 3 results.

      Just thought I would throw my 2 cents in there.

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      • bio, EXCELLENT point. So often the traders miss the forest for the trees. I have no idea WTF 'sheff' is. But personally, I'm not impressed with ANYONE who makes money buy buying in on a likely chart, waiting until it rises a little above your buy-in, THEN telling your 'followers' to buy, then exiting as they sell. And BELIEVE me, wherever this guys sheff is saying he's buying in at, he's buying in a little lower. Also, when he buys in and the trade immediately goes against him, he doesn't divulge it. He only divulges the trades that rise x% from his buy, and then notifies his floowers or IMO 'suckers'.

        But thanks for pointing out that AEZS is up 18% from this joker's last sell.

      • BTW, $heff re-entered yesterday...

    • Great post!!

      These levels are a bargain here. Load up. This stock could see double digits.. LONG here as well!!

      Good Luck

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