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  • bioinvestor71 bioinvestor71 May 4, 2011 6:59 AM Flag

    AEZS facts:

    Why I am going to continue to buy:
    1.) Current market cap 190M, 40M in cash, revenues from Centrotide... so solid fundamentals
    2.) NDA for Solorel coming any time now - high chance of approval since it is a diagnostic test - more revenues for AEZS
    3.) Perifosine phase 3 results coming in October - Perifosine is worth billions if favorable phase 3
    4.) Earlier phase results of Perifosine have been positive with over 2000 patients tested, minimal side effects, extending life
    5.) AEZS should be valued higher than KERX due to AEZS having worldwide rights to Perifosine
    6.) AEZS has multiple partnerships for Perifosine which includes a $60M cash payment from the Japanese partner and royalties from 3
    7.) Europe, China and other major markets can be 100% profit for AEZS if they do it alone with Perifosine
    8.) AEZS has been approached for partnership for AEZS108 - (ovarian, endometrial, bladder, and prostate cancer) - have declined so
    far... may announce a big partnership - if not, another blockbuster drug (currently in phase 2)
    9.) AEZS112 for oncology and AEZS 130 for endocrinology have shown great results
    10.) Ongoing studies for Perifosine include: multiple cancers - currently in phase 2
    11.) Also has a nice preclinical pipeline
    12.) ASCO is coming up in June so that should draw attention
    13.) If you follow the biorunup method, AEZS should continue to rise through October as investors await phase 3 results for their billion dollar drug
    14.) Several independent analysts have $5 and $5.50 price targets short term... AEZS could double that if phase 3 results positive (similar to EXEL)
    15.) Analysts such as Jeremy Richards have said AEZS is a real takeover target because of its deep pipeline and depressed price with takeover price between $5-8.... would not want to be short or not in this stock

    Recent trading...
    16.) SHORTS - they were short 6M shares below $2 - clearly they were getting killed as AEZS ran to $2.60... so my guess is they shorted a lot more
    or covered some on the way up and then shorted in the $2.50-$2.60 range... who knows... either way there is still a large short position
    17.) I also believe other short term investors and shorts mostly sold when they saw weakness in AEZS and it started dropping, so that should clear out the short term people which is good

    Recent selloff was good to get many of the traders and short termers out. AEZS should continue to rise for the above reasons and I am buying on these dips. A little later this year people will be kicking themselves for selling.

    Do your own due diligence.
    My opinion - LONG and BUYING MORE.

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