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  • nice_guy_876 nice_guy_876 Sep 9, 2011 8:49 AM Flag

    Will we decouple from markets again?

    If we do, it'll be very telling. Today looks pretty bleak out there: a troubling wake left behind Bernanke/Obama's speeches, European banks needing more cash, and Japan's looking more dismal than expected.

    If we perform strongly today, it might be a clear indication that in the short-term, we can return to 2.00+ levels for a long time. That, in and of itself, would be a small victory. As Bioinvestor and others have noted, a climb back up to previous resistance levels around the 2.60s would be fantastic.

    Ultimately, I'm mostly just bored at work and spilling out thoughts. :) What are yours?

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    • Whew guys and gals, fire and brimstone today! I love it. C'mon last me whatcha got.

    • well, we're down like everything , but at least the down vol's lo

    • Doesn't look like we'll de-couple today. This market is too strong going down and it will take us with it.

      Although Obama is possibly the worst president ever and his speeches / policies are anti-business...I do believe this market is being caused by the European crisis. Even Europe is finally understanding that various shapes and forms of bailouts are not going to stop the crisis.

      The answer is so simple (for US and EU): spend less tham you make. If that forces draconian spending cuts, then cut.

      Biggest problem...public employee pension and medical costs.
      Second problem...political corruption.
      Third problem...governments are too big and pervasive in our lives; leave us alone.

      End of rant!

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      • sawgrass you nailed it but it's just not in political class's best interest to do that. That is 100% right but then being elected would truly be gov't. SERVICE instead of the game it's become to be a hog with your snout buried in the trough of the public's money.

        D-R-A-C-O-N-I-A-N is the exact right word for the Country now. We need to go back to the very beginning, as the end of the road the can has been kicked down is near. There's no room left the current 'spend-and-others-will-pay' route.

        I just exited 1/2 my position. Will buy back on close above $2 or sell rest when $1.84 prints. More than happy to take the lumps. Much better than holding when the markets finally reflect the reality of europe and the U.S. situations. Sucks, but that's the way it is.

    • sure, apparantly anyone can, private sector experience not required. Experience making payroll and balancing the books not required.... So much for Mames Madison, who wrote that legislators should be "called for the most part from pursuits of a private nature and continued in appointment for a short period of office." See the "Federalist Papers" if you need background on Madison.

    • In today's world,a 4-6 month wait for trial results is an eternity.In general folks wont mind paying a bit more 2-3 months from now to speculate on the outcome.Unless market conditions really deteriorate from here,we should show strength heading into the fall/winter.
      Pricing will straighten out once we get the perifosine CRC results,one way or the other.In the meantime we can get a better idea of what is happening with 108.

    • As my late,great Dad would say, "Take the small victories." That saying, IMHO, works for every facet of life. I'm in my mid 50's, fighting my second battle with melanoma(late-stage). My first victory was in 1997 so you can see that small victories do add up to major accomplishments. If the investors of this stock would understand that the steps taken by AEZS are, by nature, small victories, then the seemingly stagnant price range MIGHT be easier to accept. That is just MY opinion...but I'm just waiting for the sun to come out here in Ma. so I can relish in the beauty of late summer. GLTA Bones

    • At least we are dancing around the 50 and 200 day levels...

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      • You know I KNEW that poisonous pos Pres. would make me regret buying AEZS yesterday but I did it anyway. Timing is everything and buying ANYTHING that isn't gold or a hedge against disaster is a gamble if you do it right before the first anti-American President speaks.

        IMO the open was all-important today after the stock failed to break-out yesterday with the techs and charts right on the edge. I love AEZS long-term but will not be riding it all the way back down talking about buying more. Between the world's economic shape, the time of year and the worst President this Country has ever had, holding ANY stock is a VERY risky proposition. This is why so many experienced investors are simply hoarding capital and waiting for 1982 again.

        OTOH, I keep thinking about hitting a double or hell even a home run during this idiots last year, giving me a lot of ammo for when the Bull starts back up in 2013/14. Then this enemy President opens his radical mouth.

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