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  • american_interest_first american_interest_first Jan 31, 2013 2:19 PM Flag

    AEZS product line

    They have a product in development in every stage. Any good news on any one of these products will make AEZS fly north of $4 in a New York minute.

    Drug Discovery Preclinical Phase 1 Phase 2 Phase 3 Marketed

    120,000 Compounds Library
    Prostate cancer vaccine (oncology)

    PI3K/Erk dual inhibitor (oncology)

    (LHRH-Disorazol Z)

    AEZS-137 (Disorazol Z)


    Multiple cancers

    Ovarian, prostate, bladder and breast cancer

    AEZS-130 Therapeutic in tumor induced cachexia and others (endocrinology)

    (LHRH Antagonist)

    Multiple Myeloma

    Endometrial cancer

    AEZS-130 Diagnostic in adult growth hormone deficiency (endocrinology)

    in vitro fertilization

    Partners Perifosine:
    Yakult Honsha

    Korea (oncology)

    Middle East and North Africa Perifosine:
    Yakult Honsha

    Korea (oncology)

    Middle East and North Africa Cetrotide:
    Merck Serono
    World ex-Japan

    Nippon Kayaku / Shionogi
    Oncology Endocrine Therapy Oncology & Endocrine Therapy

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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    • And any bad news from any one of these mediocre drugs and seeya.. to the floor..

    • Here is a more readable version:

      Perifosine (oral Akt inhibitor)
      FDA orphan-drug and Fast Track designations, as well as EMA positive Scientific Advice and orphan medicinal product designation.
       Multiple Myeloma
      - Ongoing Phase 3 trial in U.S. with additional sites in Europe and other countries
      - Interim analysis expected in Q1-2013
      AEZS-108 (doxorubicin peptide conjugate)
      Hybrid molecule composed of a synthetic peptide carrier linked to doxorubicin, specifically targeting LHRH receptor expressing tumors.
       Advanced Endometrial Cancer
      - Pivotal Phase 3 trial initiated in Q1-2013 (not yet recruiting)
       Advanced Ovarian Cancer
      - Phase 2 trial completed
       Castration- and Taxane-Resistant Prostate Cancer, Refractory Bladder Cancer and Triple Negative Breast Cancer
      - Ongoing Phase 2 trials
      AEZS-130 (oral ghrelin agonist)
      FDA orphan-drug designation as diagnostic test for growth hormone deficiency.
       Adult Growth Hormone Deficiency (AGHD)
      - Phase 3 trial completed as oral diagnostic test
      - NDA filing planned in Q1-2013
       Cancer-cachexia
      - Ongoing Phase 2A trial in the U.S.

      Sentiment: Buy

    • And everything you’ve listed above can easily be countered by one simple fact. Dr. Jerky Engel is CEO of this train wreck of a company. You are investing in the leadership of a company when you buy stock. Especially a biotech company. No matter what the promise of the products in development, they are worthless if carelessly managed by someone unable to develop or show their value. And I speak of value knowing that to date Engel has only shown the World that there is NO value in the ineffective drugs under his oversight and development. A simple matter of fact that has cost his investors hundreds of millions producing negative returns with barely enough left over to pay his ridiculous over bloated completely undeserved salary.

      Not only is this company faced with a highly incapable CEO overseeing a pipeline that has produced two major failures in just the last 3 years alone, it is also severely hobbled with a dilution crazed CFO who is eager to take any finance deal offered to him irrespective of the damage caused to his shareholders. And oh what damage he has caused. Take a look at a 10 year chart to get a sense of that damage all guided by the hand of Turpin’s thoroughly uninspiring inability to obtain operating capital in any possible way that doesn't obliterate shareholder value. You have a dynamic duo who’s best effort’s to date have resulted in 80% plus losses for anyone foolish enough to believe that a pipeline without proper management will ever return anything of value to investors.

      Take special notice of how little stock insiders of this dilution fueled spend happy company actually hold. Keep in mind that Jerky Engel himself sucks up about $20,000 a week of shareholder value and whatever Oxygen happens to be in his office and to date has only produced Carbon Dioxide and shareholder losses. But again, it’s all just the way that Jerky Engel likes to fly. Fly Jerky fly as your shareholders continue to pay for your mediocrity and complete lack of business acumen as you spend shareholder value to show Wall Street what your “Deep” Pipeline is really filled with. Fly fly away.

    • Their drug pipeline is indeed very rich. AEZS has no business being under $5 to begin with and time will fix it, no worries.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

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