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  • havenot1234 havenot1234 Mar 22, 2013 9:25 AM Flag

    conference call

    yakult is still running 2 peri trials at their own expense and paying aezs for perifosine. also call was positive with 3 analysts asking questions. also aezs in talks with partners .

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    • The 3 analysts are in competition for the next financing.....They have a very hard time giving straight forward answers.....What did you learn today?

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      • in answer to your question i learned that this stock is undervalued. and if it wasn't for cures and dsco convincing longs to sell i wouldn't of been able to pick up shares and average down at distressed prices.short analytics shows very little shorting in march. You have to be proactive with a stock.if you don't feel comfortable being long sell the stock. moaning about management does nothing for your own bottom line i admit i am down but i cost averaged. it is still a good time for you to do the same. when the nda for 130 is announced there will be a nice pop.bonuses with options are only good when the stock rises. at these levels aezs is no brainer as a buy. here the rewards out way the risks by a long shot..sure this stock is down 80%from it's high but it was up that high based on perifosine being successful for cc. we all know that trial failed and the stock plummeted.with 130, 108, 120,112,and ozarelix plus cetrotide where margins are increasing and bringing in around 37 million a year the future looks good.

      • Hey, you're not a "basher" now, are you?

        Because if you are not 100% supportive of this company at ALL times, no matter how many dilutive financings and ATMs; no matter how many reverse splits; no matter how many failed drug trials; no matter how many executive bonuses are doled out; and no matter how low the PPS falls - well, then, you must be a basher.

        Time for you to get your head straight, palinc2000! Now do the right thing and tell me to "gth."

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