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  • whatview whatview Apr 4, 2013 1:54 AM Flag

    Adam Feuerstein / Levi & Korinsky

    I wouldn't mind hearing an update from Adam Feurenstein on his view of AEZS today. Although his news might be depressing, he seems to have a good sense of direction for this fund. Only wish I had reacted to his analysis before the last R/S. Perhaps as investors of any Biotech/pharma, you should believe in the product their trying to work on instead of always trying to make the quick buck. Unfortunately, not every investor can afford to keep supporting such companies. Also wonder where Levi and Korinsky are at with their lawsuit against AEZS.

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    • I lost 80k here and moved on....I saw the writing on the wall....I invested because jurgen ernst on the board used to work for my old company Solvay....I was entrenched in the perifosine CRC trial....and felt once the study seemed to be in safe territory, the longer the better...I would go deep....and I did and I failed, lost over half my ira....many had models built based on duration vs. the O/S of the control groups on average and it seemed we were in safe territory..even the ultra negative AF began softening his view...but it was a failure of epic I have returned to help....any money you have should go into arry or exel.....arry was started by 3 amgen scientists and they went out and hired 25 more amgen scientists, they have a huge sick pipe for a small biotech....the other is exel, just think this..u all know Avastin from amgen(vegf inhibitor)...a huge cancer drug....exel has the approved cabozantinib (think Avastin on Steriods)...granted it is only indicated currently in a tiny indication for thyroid cancer, but they are studying it for everything...and you know what??? It is crushing everything and melting bone mets away...this drug is going to be huge....good luck to all

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      • Thus the risky nature of biotech. If you guys want a good biotech stock check out RXII. it's cheap and trades on OTC BB but the RNA interference technology is solved with a self delivery technology - Sd-rxRNA . The first drug candidate is an unmet medical need in dermal scarring from surgery or post operation. in preliminary results it has shown to reduce scarring.

        There is no other FDA approved drug for this, and while it is still years away from approval it seems like a good stock to get into. This first drug candidate alone could pull in billions of dollars. I am also in INO as well.

        Sentiment: Strong Buy

      • The Red Flag For Me Was The delay Of Solorel And 108.Tm
        They Did Me A Hug Favor Because I Moved All My HoldingS Over To Kerx.that Save Me A Few Hundred Thousand Bucks.Sorry You Took A Fall here

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